Smaller Military & Nuclear Casting and Upgrade Capability at Bradken Atlas-Chehalis

After several years of producing without upgrade, Bradken Atlas' Chehalis division has recently qualified several welders to the MIL-STD-248D specification which will allow the division to not only cast military product, but perform complete upgrade and ship direct. The Chehalis divisions focus will be on smaller, more complex design's and alloys in the size range of 50-1,000 pounds with minimum heat size being only 500lbs. With an "in house" SNT-TC-1A Level III, "in house" Metallurgy, "in house" welders qualified to MIL-STD-248D and ASME section IX, in addition to the Tacoma Foundry and Machine Shop being located just 45 miles away; technical resources and capabilities are available without limitations. Through the utilization of modern technologies such as Solidification modelling, CMM layout of patterns and castings, FCAW, GMAW, GTAW, SAW, & SMAW welding processes, and an "in house" Spectrograph, this division can easily meet market demands for both mission critical components, and time sensitive needs.

In the month of September, this division will also expand on its ISO 9001 quality systems registration by conforming to the ASME requirements of an approved materials organization by obtaining an ASME QSC-204 for the manufacture and supply of nuclear components in order to better serve the energy market with smaller product.

Wayne Braun

Director of Business Development (Industrial) - Engineered Products


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