Small Teflon® Beaker Liner offers alternative to glass.

Press Release Summary:

At 3.5 mL, beaker liner is manufactured from Teflon® FEP film and available in .005 as well as .0075 in. thicknesses. Non-stick material is transparent, chemically inert, and resistant to extreme temperatures. Due to these characteristics, laboratory analysts consider utility of beaker liners made with Teflon® film to be stand-alone alternative to glassware. Liners weigh less than one tenth of one gram and are suited for gravimetric analysis.

Original Press Release:

Teflon® Beaker Liners - New Size Available, 3.5ml

Welch Fluorocarbon, Inc. has added a new Teflon® Beaker Liner to its expanding line of high performance plastic products. At 3.5 milliliters this Teflon® Beaker Liner will be the smallest Beaker Liner (for the moment) that Welch Fluorocarbon produces for its standard product line. It will be manufactured from Teflon® FEP film, and will be available in two thicknesses .005" and .0075". Weighing in at less than on tenth of a gram, these liners work great for gravimetric analysis.

Because these Teflon® Beaker Liners are made with Teflon® FEP film they showcase unique characteristics. Teflon® FEP is highly non-stick, transparent, chemically inert and extremely temperature resistant. Due to these characteristics laboratory analysts are recognizing the utility of Beaker Liners made with Teflon® film as a stand-alone alternative to glassware.

Welch Fluorocarbon specializes in providing unique solutions with thin films like Teflon® film. From Aerospace to Biotechnology, Welch Fluorocarbon has been solving problems using high performance film for over 20 years. No matter what the industry Welch Fluorocarbon can use its expertise with high performance films to find a solution for your application. Please visit welchfluorocarbon or Welch Fluorocarbon's online catalog for more information on our Teflon® Products. If you don't see the product you are looking for contact one of our Sales Engineers to discuss your custom application made with fluoropolymer films.

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