Small Profile Belt Drive Actuator solves automation issues.

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LEZ 1 (Automation stick), driven by 9 mm HTD belt, has max speed of 1.5 m/sec and can be ordered without motor or with either 50 Ncm stepper motor or 160 Ncm stepper motor with 2:1 belt drive. While 44 x 30 mm cross section and standard travels from 153–2,853 mm accommodate use in tight spaces, 70 mm wide carriage facilitates mounting of objects. Slide comes standard with limit switches at both ends of travel, and repeatability is ±0.2 mm. Complete electronic controller package is available.

Original Press Release:

Beat Your Automation Problems with the "Automation Stick" Belt Actuator from Isel USA

Isel USA Inc, formerly Techno Inc, released its newest LEZ 1 Belt Drive Actuator also called the "Automation stick", because of its extremely small profile, simple design and super low price. This small profile and low cost is what allows the automation stick to “beat” the most difficult automation applications.

The LEZ 1 Belt Actuator has a cross section of 44mm high x 30mm wide and is driven by a 9mm HTD belt and can be ordered in standard travels between 153mm and 2853mm. This makes the product perfect to use in tight spaces. The LEZ 1 Belt Drive Slide has a 70mm wide carriage so it is easy to mount objects while still maintaining a compact profile. This compact design increases the versatility of the "Automation stick", so it’s perfect for space and cost constrained applications like sensor positioning, camera positioning, spraying and dispensing.

The "Automation stick" has a maximum speed of 1.5m/sec. It can be ordered with no motor, a 50Ncm stepper motor or 160 Ncm stepper motor with a 2:1 belt drive. The slide comes standard with limit switches at both ends of travel.

The LEZ 1 Belt Actuator is lightweight and small and also perfect for cost sensitive applications because of its extremely low price. The Standard lengths range up to 3 meters but they are available on special order in lengths up to 5m. In addition, the LEZ 1 Belt Actuator can be used as XY and XYZ configurations. The belt actuator has ± 0.2 mm (± .008 in) repeatability. The LEZ 1 is also available with a complete electronic controller package for an out of the box solution to your application.

Isel is a premier manufacturer of Linear Motion Components. The LEZ 1 Belt Actuator typical applications include scanning, camera positioning, spraying, fluid dispensing, drilling, testing, painting, inspection, pick and place and assembly.

Isel USA Inc provides free CAD drawings for download for the LEZ 1 Belt Actuator.

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