Small Pitch Timing Belt Pulleys synchronize shafts.

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Designed for ¼ and 3/8 in. wide synchronous toothed belts with 1/5 in. pitch, Series A 6A 3, A 6C 3, A 6J 3, A 6M 3, and A 6Z 3 are suited for machine tools, mowers, and business machines. Units are available in double-flanged, single-flanged, and flangeless styles, as well as hubbed and hubless versions. With bores ranging from .1875-.500 in., pulleys are made of aluminum alloy, steel, Delrin, or molded fiberglass with reinforced nylon or Lexan.

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Wide Range of Timing Belt Pulleys in Small-Pitch Sizes for Synchronizing Shafts Offered by SDP

New Hyde Park, New York - An extensive range of styles and sizes of pulleys for small-pitch toothed timing belts, available from Stock Drive Products, offer positive, efficient power transmission for shaft drives, without slip or backlash and virtually no vibration.

Designated as the A 6A 3, A 6C 3, A 6J 3, A 6M 3 and A 6Z 3 series, such pulleys are designed to operate with synchronous toothed belts that are finding numerous applications in machine tools, mowers, business machines, copiers and printers where they transmit power efficiently in small spaces with minimum noise. Furthermore, these small-pitch pulleys and timing belts permit synchronizing shaft rotations and are also useful in high-reduction drives where there is need to improve the wrap-around capabilities of belts.

Pulley styles include double-flanged, single-flanged and flangeless pulleys, as well as hubbed and hubless. The pulleys are designed for 1/4" and 3/8"wide belts, with a 1/5" pitch. Number of grooves range from 10 grooves with a .637" pitch diameter to 72 grooves with a 4.564" pitch diameter.

Pulley bores range from .1875" to .500". Materials include aluminum alloy, clear anodized; steel, black oxide; molded fiberglass with reinforced nylon or Lexan; and Delrin. Generally, the pulleys are retained with set screws.

Availability is from stock. Detailed specifications are contained in Catalog D790, available free upon request from Stock Drive Products, 2101 Jericho Turnpike, P. O. Box 5416, New Hyde Park, New York, 11042-5416. Phone: 516-328-3300-Fax: 516-326-8827. Web:

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