Small Motor Clutch/Brake provides precise repeatability, control.

Press Release Summary:

Designed for fractional to 3 hp drives, Posidyne® size 1.5 totally enclosed clutch/brake has double C-Face mounted package and maximizes oil shear durability. Multiple-disc design promotes accuracy and enables up to 300/min cycle rates and 20,000,000–40,000,000 cycle life expectancy. While negating adjustment requirements, oil shear technology allows rapid and precise stopping, starting, reversing, speed change, and positioning. Explosionproof unit can be actuated by air or hydraulic pressure.

Original Press Release:

Posidyne® 1.5 Clutch/Brake Provides Precise Repeatability and Control for Small Motor Applications

Fairfield, OH – Force Control Industries introduces the Posidyne® size 1.5 clutch/brake, offering the reliability of Posidyne® Clutch/Brake performance for smaller, fractional to 3 HP drives. The new size brings oil shear durability to a new level of performance and convenience ideal for conveyers, packaging machines, food processing applications,  extruder cut-offs, and more.

In a compact, lightweight, double C-Face mounted package, the Posidyne® 1.5 clutch/brake features a multiple disc design that produces high torque from a small package, boosting accuracy, cycle rates (up to 300 cycles per minute), and lifetime (20,000,000 – 40,000,000 cycles).

Posidyne® clutch/brakes feature oil shear technology that allows rapid and precise stopping, starting, reversing, speed change and positioning – all without adjustment and virtually no maintenance.  Ideal for applications with frequent start/stop cycles, these unique motion control devices allow higher cycle rates (as high as 300 cycles per minute), to increase production rates with lower downtime.  Faster production rates coupled with significantly longer service life than traditional (dry) clutch/brakes (5 to 10 times longer in many cases) yields increased uptime, productivity and ROI.  No adjustment, virtually no maintenance, multi-year service life, minimal parts inventory, reduced parts and replacement ordering cost, adds up to higher production at less cost.

Small Unit, Big Impact–Innovative Design

The Posidyne® 1.5 features an innovative Split Clamped Quill feature, which reduces shaft and key/keyway damage to the motor shaft associated with competitive clutch/brakes. The split quill collar tightens the quill 360 degrees around the shaft and key for superior connection. For mounting to smaller frames, the Posidyne® 1.5 uses a unique hidden mounting spools arrangement to tighten the motor against the clutch/brake.

Convenient options such as foot mounting kits, manifold mounted valves and optical encoders are available to fit most and application. The totally enclosed Posidyne® clutch/brake is impervious to dust, chips, chemicals, coolants, caustic wash down, weather, and more, making them ideal for hostile environments, and severe or hazardous duty.

All Posidyne® clutch/brakes are designed with low inertia cycling components. This makes the Posidyne® 1.5 clutch/brake is even more efficient, requiring less motor horsepower to accelerate the load, and less torque to stop the load—which adds up to significant energy savings in 24/7 manufacturing demands.

A simple actuation system allows torque in the clutch and brake to be precisely controlled.  Adjustment for rapid or soft starts and stops is easily accomplished.  Manifold mounted control valves reduce response times by eliminating hoses and fittings. By reducing the high starting inrush currents and the associated power factor imbalance, these unique clutch/brakes can also reduce energy costs. 

The Posidyne® clutch/brake can be actuated either by air or hydraulic pressure for use in plant or outside applications. The hydraulic actuation package includes a hydraulic pump, solenoid valve, regulators, and a filter.  A heat exchanger can be added for additional cooling. The Posidyne® 1.5 is inherently explosion proof with the addition of an explosion proof actuation valve. The valve can also be remotely mounted in an explosion proof cabinet.

Oil Shear Technology Makes the Difference

Oil Shear Technology is the reason that brakes by Force Control last up to 10 times longer than standard dry friction brakes and do not need maintenance, adjustment, or disc replacement. Oil Shear Technology is the function of a boundary layer of transmission fluid in shear between the friction discs and drive plates. As the parts come together, the fluid under shear will transmit torque between the two parts, as well as absorb heat. This eliminates direct contact of the friction discs and drive plates during high speed slip.  Heat from the friction surface is dissipated as the fluid circulates to the housing. 

Heat dissipation is a major component when selecting a clutch/brake. The Posidyne® clutch/brake basic unit dissipates heat through the housing by flowing the fluid from the friction surface to the housing. Additional heat can be dissipated by adding an integral fan, water cooling, and even pulling the fluid out of the unit for additional heat exchanger cooling and filtration. These cooling options allow the same compact size Posidyne®  clutch/brake to be used on high inertia loads, or in extremely high or low temperatures. Re-circulating the fluid dissipates the heat of engagement, which is a common cause of downtime with other clutch/brake assemblies.

Made in the USA – Sold Worldwide

Headquartered in Fairfield, Ohio since 1969, Force Control Industries is the world leader in oil shear technology, offering a full line of clutches, brakes and clutch/brakes for OEMs in diverse applications.   Their manufacturing campus includes three manufacturing facilities with over 100,000 square feet of manufacturing space along with engineering, design, customer support and administrative offices.  All facilities are ISO9001/2000 certified for quality assurance.  For additional information contact Force Control Industries, Inc., 3660 Dixie Highway, Fairfield, OH  45014, call (513) 868-0900, visit, or e-mail

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