Small Components, Big Problems -- Solved! By Zago

Newark, NJ - A leading manufacturer of farm heaters was experiencing difficulties caused by oil leaking from the heater housing creating a hazard to both livestock and humans. Unfortunately, when ordinary fasteners are a component of a heater housing assembly they can be a source of gas emissions and oil leakage. The manufacturer of the heater, seeking a solution to this dangerous problem, turned to Zago for its experience in providing unique sealing solutions. Zago determined the right seal nut design for the situation and the leak was resolved!

Zago gave this leading OEM the optimal solution which was both practical and economical. Zago embedded Nitrile rubber into a hex nut as the perfect alternative to the conventional hex nut the OEM was previously using. Testing demonstrates that ZaGO seal nuts offer a significant advantage over regular nuts reducing emissions as it seals from inside the heater housing. Other advantages include that it comes in a simple, one piece design, is available in metric or standard sizes, is available in a wide range of rubbers and that it seals both the threads and the full circumference of the nut.

ZaGO sealing products can be found throughout the world, preventing leaks and saving money. ZaGO specializes in designing practical, economical, environmentally responsible sealing solutions that will ensure the long lasting and dependable operation of critical equipment. ZaGO's technical group is always available to work alongside its customers' engineers to create a unique design to fit their specifications and ensure the highest quality product.

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ZaGO Manufacturing Company has been has been producing sealing products for nearly twenty years in Newark, New Jersey. Operating out of a state-of-the-art facility in south Newark in close proximity to Newark Airport, the Port of Newark and all of New Jersey's major transportation and mass transit routes, ZaGO makes daily shipments throughout the United States, Central and South America, Mexico, Canada, Europe and Asia.

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