SMA-Based Fiber Connectors strengthen laser beam delivery.

Press Release Summary:

Optimized for heat transfer, High Power SMA-Based Fiber Connectors utilize design based on copper alloy with heat conductivity of 320 W/mK to allow laser power to be transmitted through SMA cable. Fiber core diameters of 100, 200, 400, and 600 µm are readily available, and others upon request. Typical observation consists of coupling HeNe laser with NA of ~0.05 into large core fiber (over 100 µm) with standard NA of 0.22 and obtaining output beam divergence corresponding to NA~0.07.

Original Press Release:

CeramOptec Introduces SMA-Based Fiber Connectors for Maximum High Power, High Brightness Transmission

July 5, 2007, East Longmeadow, MA. CeramOptec offers an extensive line of highest quality silica/silica, plastic-clad silica and hard-polymer-clad silica optical fibers for UV, VIS and IR transmission, medical laser delivery, sensors, plasma fusion and spectroscopy applications. In its tradition of excellence, the company introduces a new line of High Power SMA-Based Fiber Connectors.

Unique Fabrication for consistent high quality:
CeramOptec maintains complete control over all steps of the manufacturing process, starting from preform design and manufacturing to fiber drawing to the finished product. All manufacturing is done in-house, utilizing a patented PCVD process. The fibers are drawn out of drawing towers and spooled, while simultaneously testing for strength and tolerance specifications. Further, a specialized gluing technology has been developed for use with these cables.

Designed for high performance:
CeramOptec's High Power SMA-Based Fiber Cables are assembled with a unique fiber optimized for use in high power applications. The new connectors for the SMA cables provide outstanding heat transfer compared to competitive products. These connectors utilize a design based on copper alloy with a high heat conductivity of 320 W/mK, allowing excellent passive heat transfer to the SMA socket, which provides sufficient heat sinking. As a result, very high laser power can be transmitted through the SMA cable.

This feature is of particular interest to manufacturers and users of high power diode laser modules. While these modules are designed for a specific fiber core diameter and a numerical aperture (NA) of 0.22, there is always some power which either overfills the NA and/or the core diameter. Indeed, many module manufacturers utilize the fiber as an implicit mode cleaner in their design. This power is coupled into the fiber's cladding and eventually results in heat. The new connector is specifically designed to handle this heat.

While the connector design may be used with any of CeramOptec's high quality fibers, there is a series of fibers specifically designed and manufactured for handling extreme laser power. Tilmann Trebst, Project Manager for Development of Industrial Fiber Cables at CeramOptec explained that, "The cable was successfully tested on a 250 W diode laser with an NA of 0.22. It was essential for development to keep an eye on the complete system and not just on single components. In the end, it is always a specific module series and the cable that need to fit perfectly together for optimum performance of the fiber-coupled module."

Superior Design:
The functional design of the CeramOptec High Power SMA Cable features stress-free mounting to avoid local microbending in the connector or along the cable. The stainless steel protection tube features bending protection, which prevents the cable from overbending, alleviates bend losses, and yet remains flexible. As Cheryl Provost, Scientific Industrial Sales Engineer, points out, "It's just the type of protection our customers want to see for their demanding applications."

With these unique features, the cable is not only suited for diode laser modules, but also for lasers with excellent beam quality like Nd: YAG lasers. Numerous CeramOptec customers praise our low-stress fibers and their low impact on beam quality. A typical observation is coupling a HeNe laser with an NA of ~0.05 into a large core fiber (core>100µm) with a standard NA of 0.22 and obtaining, even after several meters of fiber, an output beam divergence corresponding to NA~0.07. The new connectors now complement these fibers for assembling cables with a low impact on beam quality.

Franz Schuberts, Industrial Sales, explains that, "Anti-reflection coating at the most common wavelengths will become available soon and will drive the performance of these cables to even lower losses at higher power levels."

CeramOptec's new product is ideally suited for demanding applications with high power diode laser modules and high brightness solid state lasers. Customers can utilize the new connector for laser beam delivery for cutting, plastic welding, material hardening and soldering (e.g., on PCB boards). Fiber core diameters of 100, 200, 400, 600µm are readily available; others are available upon request.

About CeramOptec Industries, Inc:
CeramOptec is a world leader in the production of specialty optical fiber and fiber optic-based products for industrial, scientific, medical, and dental applications. CeramOptec manufactures high quality specialty optical fiber, bundles, and spectroscopic accessories with unmatched delivery times.

CeramOptec produces stock and custom silica / silica, plastic-clad silica, and hard polymer-clad silica optical fibers; fused capillary tubing; DPSS lasers; diode modules; and low loss bundles and assemblies for UV, VIS, and IR transmission, medical laser delivery, sensors, plasma fusion, and spectroscopy.

Company Contact:
Cheryl Provost
Industrial/Scientific Sales Engineer
515A Shaker Road
East Longmeadow, MA 01028
Ph: (860) 747-4487
Fax: (860) 793-4909
Toll Free: (800) 321-0790

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