SM Flat Sheet Membranes meet 3-A, FDA and USDA sanitary standards.

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Used for protein separation and skim milk protein concentrate/isolate production, SM Flat Sheet Membranes are available in large sheets, precut coupons or 1812 spiral wound formats. Offering molecular weight cutoff of 20 kDa, permeate flux of 147/60 GFD/psi and pH range of 2-11, membranes provide good resistance to pH and high resistance to fouling. Product is suitable for food, dairy, protein separation and beverage clarification industries.

Original Press Release:

New Synder Filtration SM Flat Sheet Membranes

Sterlitech is launching Synder Filtration's new "SM" flat sheet membrane. This is a PES based ultrafiltration membrane commonly used for specialty protein separation, skim milk protein concentrate/isolate production and beverage clarification. SM membrane conforms to 3-A, FDA, and USDA sanitary standards and provides good resistance to pH and temperature as well as a high resistance to fouling.

Product: SM

Manufacturer: Synder Filtration

Applications: Food industry, dairy, protein separation, beverage clarification

pH Range: 2-11

Permeate Flux (GFD*/psi): 147/60

MWCO**: 20 kDa

Polymer: PES

* GFD: Gallons per Square Foot of Active Membrane Area per Day

** MWCO: Molecular Weight Cutoff

This new addition is available in large sheets, as well as in precut coupons for use in the Sepa, CF042 and CF016 filtration cells, and most stirred cells. The "SM" Membrane is also available in an 1812 spiral wound format.

Custom membrane sizes are available upon request. For more information about SM membranes or if you need assistance to find products suited for a specific application, please contact Sterlitech at 1-877-544-4420 or

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