Slurry Knife Gate Valves incorporate Linatex® sleeves.

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Featuring Linatex® wear-resistant elastomer sleeves, Isogate® WS Series Wafer-Style Valves are suitable for abrasive and corrosive environments. Units provide bubble-tight, bi-directional shut-off with no downstream leakage, and have no seat cavity for solids to accumulate and prevent full gate closure. With fully interchangeable, 1-piece design and integral load distribution rings, valves eliminate need for multiple pieces and fasteners, facilitating sleeve replacement.

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Isogate® Slurry Valves from Weir Minerals Incorporate Superior Linatex® Elastomer Technology for Improved Performance

Featuring Isogate® WS Series Slurry Knife Gate Valve Sleeves

Madison, WI - Leveraging the proven performance of the Linatex® family of high quality elastomers, Weir Minerals is proud to introduce the new Isogate® WS Series valve sleeves.

The new WS Series sleeves incorporate Linatex® wear resistant technology - which is backed by years of experience in tough abrasive and corrosive environments - and is designed using Weir Minerals' extensive experience of slurry knife gate valve applications around the world. These factors ensure that the new WS Series sleeves can provide excellent overall valve performance.

"The introduction of the new Isogate® WS Series valve sleeves made with Linatex® abrasion resistant and highly flexible elastomers extends wear life, improves overall valve performance, and ensures that Weir Minerals is positioned to be the manufacturing leader in the slurry valve market," says Cal Cobb, Product Manager for Isogate® slurry valves.

In addition, the WS Series valve with its fully interchangeable, one-piece design with integral load distribution rings eliminates the need for multiple pieces and fasteners to make sleeve replacement much easier. Combined with improved sleeve geometry for increased surface contact, friction reduction, and enhanced sealing during valve opening and closing cycles, the new WS Series valve sleeves contribute to an expected low total cost of ownership for customers.

Isogate® WS Series Slurry Knife Gate Valve Features

The WS Series wafer-style slurry knife gate valve is designed to provide reliable service in tough abrasive and corrosive slurry applications. In addition to the new valve sleeves, some of the features of the patented WS series valve include:

o A unibody design and rugged heavy-duty construction, ensuring long valve life and greater reliability

o Complete bubble-tight bi-directional shut-off with no downstream leakage

o Wear parts that are easily field replaceable

o Full port design to reduce pressure drop and downstream turbulence

o No seat cavity for solids to accumulate and prevent full gate closure

o A universal top plate which can be field adapted to accept any offered actuator

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