Slurry Blasting Cleaning Technology Using the Power of the Blast Wheel

PROCECO's slurry blasting parts cleaning technology, also known as wet blasting, is a patent technology that uses a rotary wheel to discharge a mixture of hot cleaning solution and abrasive media at high velocity to clean and mechanically remove oxides, scale, carbon deposits, oil, and grease from metal part surfaces. The combination of the blasting wheel power and the abrasive slurry provides a very effective cleaning method in a short cycle time.

Compared to conventional dry blasting technology, slurry blast technology does not require pre- and post-cleaning processes and can process wet, oily, and greasy parts. It provides a very clean and smooth finished surface ready for coating, painting, or remanufacturing operations. In addition, the process is dustless, resulting in improved air quality and a better operator environment.

PROCECO slurry blasting is a closed-loop process: both detergent and media are recycled. The spent slurry is returned through a classifier, which removes contaminants and degraded media, while usable media and detergent are returned to feed the blast wheel, thereby reducing operating cost.

PROCECO slurry wheel blasting parts cleaning technology is available is spinner hanger, tumble blaster, and turntable system configurations. It is an ideal cleaning technology for automotive and heavy machinery parts remanufacturing and die casting deflashing applications.


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