Slip-Resistant Footwear lends traction in slick conditions.

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ALTRAGRIPS(TM) All-Traction(TM) Footwear features 48 Low- or High-Profile tungsten carbide studs, sealed between ALTRAGRIPS sole and upper, that optimize traction by penetrating slippery conditions. Designed to promote optimal surface contact between tungsten carbide pins and walking surface, footwear has Angle Tread® design with self-cleaning, alternating recessed grooves. Products come in 4 in. low-cut versions as well as 10 and 15 in. boots, all of which fit over normal footwear.

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Introducing ALTRAGRIPS(TM) All-Traction(TM) Footwear

JORDAN DAVID, Horsham, PA introduces ALTRAGRIPS(TM) All-Tract!on(TM) Footwear. ALTRAGRIPS(TM) All-Traction(TM) Footwear is a new line of resistant footwear from JORDAN DAVID, the leading manufacturer of All-Traction(TM) Footwear in North America.

ALTRAGRIPS(TM) are designed to reduce slips and falls in a variety of slick conditions from outdoors in ice and snow to indoor industrial conditions. By increasing traction in these conditions, employers can greatly reduce the risk of employee slips and falls and the resulting worker's compensation claims.

At the heart of ALTRAGRIPS(TM) are 48 tiny tungsten carbide studs. These studs are dynamically engineered to increase traction above and beyond that of normal rubber soled footwear. These tiny studs penetrate the slippery conditions underfoot and help to make dangerous occupational walking conditions safe for employees.

The tungsten carbide studs are sealed between ALTRAGRIPS(TM) sole and upper. This design helps to ensure maximum spike retention through repeated product use, no matter what the condition. Additionally, the tungsten carbide content of the studs ensures maximum durability over all walking surfaces.

The tungsten carbide studs are available in two different heights; a Low-Profile and a High-Profile. This allows the user to choose the level of aggressiveness that they require. ALTRAGRIPS(TM) Low-Profiles offer lower-grade traction and are designed to offer greater versatility. The Low-Profiles can be worn safely in most indoor conditions without damaging floors or causing a tripping hazard. The High-Profiles offer a more aggressive level of traction and are excellent for navigating winter's worst conditions.

ALTRAGRIPS(TM) soles feature JORDAN DAVID'S patented Angle Tread® design The angled tread follows along the alignment of the metatarsal bones of the foot enabling the wearer to achieve maximum surface contact between the tungsten carbide pins and the walking surface. The alternating recessed grooves are engineered to self-clean by ejecting any buildup of contamination that might occur.

ALTRAGRIPS(TM) are available in three different height styles; a 4" low-cut, a 10" boot and a 15" boot. All styles of ALTRAGRIPS(TM) are designed to fit over normal footwear.

Slips, trips and falls are one of the top causes of industrial accident. Presently they account for nearly 15% of all lost workday accidents according to the National Safety Council's 2006 Accident Facts. ALTRAGRIPS(TM) is designed to help reduce those accidents and help to keep employees safe and on the job.

ALTRAGRIPS® are part of JORDAN DAVID'S full line of All-Traction(TM) Footwear. For more information contact JORDAN DAVID, toll free 1-888-No-Slips (888-667-5477), or visit

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