Slip-In Check Valves eliminate external leak points.

Press Release Summary:

ICS Slip-In Check Valves have compact design that controls flow in or out depending on how they are inserted into machined cavity. Also available with fixed orifice, valves feature steel construction and come with O-rings. Sizes from 1/8-3 in. have cracking pressure from 3-90 psi. Mounted in any position, max operating pressure is 5,000 psi, and temperature range is -22 to +175°F. Operating medium is hydraulic fluid with viscosity range of 50-2,000 SSU.

Original Press Release:

INSERTA ICS Slip-In Check Valves

INSERTA ICS Slip-In Check Valves can be inserted in manifolds, subplates, flanges, or integrated valve systems. This compact design eliminates external leak points associated with line mounted check valves. These check valves can control flow in or out depending on how they are inserted into the machined cavity. They are also available with a fixed orifice for customers' specific quantity requirements. INSERTA ICS Slip-In Check Valves are all steel construction with hardened, lapped discs and seats providing positive fluid shut off. They come complete with O-rings. The valves range in size from 1/8" to 3" and have a cracking pressure ranging from 3 PSI to 90 PSI with the standard being 15 PSI. These check valves can be mounted in any position. The maximum operating pressure is 5000 PSI (Higher pressures must have factory approval). The temperature range is -22° F (-30° C) to 175° F (80° C). The operating medium for the valves is hydraulic fluid with a viscosity range 50 SSU to 2000 SSU. For more information visit

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