Slider Control produces SPI serial signal output.

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Using charge-transfer spread-spectrum sensing method, Model QT401 Slider Chip provides linear or arc-based touch-sensing output with 7-bit resolution. Device uses printed circuit resistive element as capacitive sensor and will sense through 3 mm of plastic or glass. Model QT401 can be used with clear Indium-Tin-Oxide sensing elements to create LED-backlit touch zones, or to indicate slider position after touch is released.

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Quickly Add Economical Slider Control to Your Product!

Pittsford, NY: QT401 is a 'slider' chip which uses Quantum Research (UK)'s patented charge- transfer sensing method to provide a reliable linear or arc-based touch-sensing output with a 7-bit resolution (1 in 128). This chip is ideal for control panels in appliance controls, personal electronics, automotive controls, or almost any consumer product where you need a knob or linear control (brightness, volume, temperature, power, etc.)

QT401's new technology uses a simple printed circuit resistive element as the capacitive sensor; and it will easily sense through 3 mm of plastic or glass. The output is an SPI serial signal. The sensor uses Quantum's proprietary charge- transfer ('QT') spread-spectrum sensing method to effectively suppress EMI noise problems; the result is a sensor that is extremely reliable, and sealed. The data output can be interpreted as either a linear control, or as a series of buttons or a mixture of the two, depending on the needs of the designer. To create buttons from a slider, you only need to interpret number sub-ranges as being buttons. As many as 8 buttons are possible in this way.

QT401 can even be used with clear Indium- Tin-Oxide ('ITO') sensing elements to create LED- backlit touch zones with dramatic effect, or to indicate slider position after touch is released. This also allows the device to be used as an extremely inexpensive (yet near-indestructible) 'touch screen' strip over an LCD display panel, for much less cost than a resistive screen or mechanical 'bezel buttons'.

E401 Evaluation Board lets you develop control panels with the QT401 QSlide chip. This board features an SPI interface; a USB adaptor comes with the E401 to allow the board to display its output on a PC. E401 shows how easy it is to add a low-cost touch slider into your product, and communicates with a PC to show the output of the touch slider in real time. This invaluable tool helps in optimizing the operation in your application.

E401 Evaluation Board is available from stock at $95.00 QT401 is priced from $1.98 (5K)

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