Slide Switch features magnetic-based design.

Press Release Summary:

Mounted on flex circuit, Slide Switch can be sealed against contaminants, eliminating common cause of switch failure. Unit has total package depth of 0.125 in. or 3.175 mm below overlay, making it suited for space-constrained applications. Available as stand-alone discrete switch or integrated directly into custom panel, switch is fully customizable for detents and electronic output.

Original Press Release:

Duraswitch Debuts New Slide Switch, Offering High Reliability and Seamless Integration for Electronic Product Designs

  • New slide switch expands the Duraswitch line of highly reliable switches

  • Offers ease of integration, mounted directly on flex circuit

  • Available as stand-alone discrete switch or integrated into control panel

    Duraswitch® has added a slide switch to its line of long-life, flat panel switches. As with all Duraswitch products, the new slide switch is based on a patented, magnetic-based design that results in a robust, highly customizable user interface solution.

    "This new design capitalizes on the long running success of our Duraswitch rotary switch. The slide switch uses the same principles, but in a linear format instead of a circular design," said Tim Kuhn Sales and Marketing Manager Duraswitch products.
    When the slide is moved, gold balls underneath follow magnets housed within the top lever. As the gold balls pass over the contacts on a flexible circuit, the switch signal is sent to the microprocessor.

    The design enables seamless integration in keypads and control boards. Mounted on flex circuit, the Duraswitch slide switch can be sealed against contaminants eliminating a common cause of switch failure. The Duraswitch slide switch has a total package depth of 0.125" or 3.175mm below the overlay, making it a perfect solution for space-constrained applications. The thin profile can even accommodate curved surfaces. Quiet and easy to use, the slide switch is a natural extension of the Duraswitch product line.

    Duraswitch also offers the PushGate® pushbutton and thiNcoder® rotary switch, along with a wide range of unique constructions.

    As with other Duraswitch products, the slide switch is fully customizable for detents and electronic output. The slide switch is available as a stand-alone discrete switch or integrated directly into a full custom panel. For more, contact Duraswitch.

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    Duraswitch® electronic switch technologies couple the friendly tactile feedback of mechanical pushbuttons and rotary dials with the highly reliable, thin profile of membrane switches, enabling OEMs to create ergonomic, space saving input panels for a wide range of applications.

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