Slant-Bed Lathes handle extra-large workpieces.

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Designed to handle parts up to 39 in. dia x 295 in. long with up to 19,800 lb between centers, Model FTM1000 maintains 39 in. swing over bed and cross slide. Spindle bore sizes are available in 5.5, 8.6, or 12.5 in. Suitable for parts up to 27 x 177 in. with up to 8,500 lb between centers, Model FTM700 maintains 27 in. diameter swing over bed and cross slide and is available with 5.5 or 8.6 in. spindle bores. Both are suitable for machining cast iron, steel, and alloy parts.

Original Press Release:

Toolmex Delivers Bigger, Bolder, Better FTM C-Axis Slant Bed Multitasking Series

SCHAUMBURG - Toolmex Corporation announced today the FTM700 and FTM1000 series, a new generation of high performance slant bed lathes that makes the multitasking turning centers bigger, bolder and better than ever. Designed and built by Haco-Fat, a leading European builder, the FTM series is the newest and largest turn-mill slant bed lathe series from the world-class builder who specializes in turning machinery that processes large, complicated and exotic materials including shafts, rolls and tubular parts. The new heavy-duty FTM slant bed turning centers offer advanced technology, extra-large workpiece capabilities, superior quality, and numerous options, which allow parts normally requiring 2-3 machines for completion to now get the job done in one setup with reduced cycle times. In addition, the extra heavy duty FTM construction makes it adept at handling most cast iron, steel, alloys and other materials with greater rigidity and higher precision.

"These machines are an exciting technological advancement for our builder," said Tom Kob, Toolmex Machine Tool General Manager. "Not only are they available in bigger sizes, but the new FTM models offer greater capabilities including the ability to handle heavier parts and multiple machining operations in a larger work envelope."

The largest FTM1000 handles parts up to 39" diameter x 295" long, up to 19,800 lbs between centers, and maintains a 39" swing over bed and cross slide. Spindle bore sizes are available in choice of 5.5", 8.6" or 12.5". The maximum weight held in chuck (chuck included) is 7,700 lbs, whereas the maximum weight held between centers and 2 steadies is 28,600 lbs. The main drive motor is 75HP and the machine weight is greater than 82,000 lbs for 216" between centers. The smaller FTM700 model handles work up to 27" x 177" between centers, parts up to 8,500 lbs bc, and maintains a swing over bed and cross slide that is 27" diameter. Standard 5.5" or 8.6" spindle bores are available with a machine weight over 30,000 lbs for 122" between centers.

A unique feature for the Haco FTM series offered by Toolmex is that there is no loss of machining diameters by cross slide. Unlike many other builders that can lose up to 20% on their diameter swing over cross slide, the new FTM700 and FTM1000 maintain their diameter swing. For example, the new FTM1000 maintains a 39" swing over both bed and cross slide. This allows users to turn, mill, drill, thread, tap, and bore parts up to 39" diameter x 295" long on a single lathe.

Another notable feature is the 60-degree bed with a 70-degree column to ensure better chip removal with improved operator access to load and unload large parts. The built-in chip conveyor quickly removes hot chips, reducing adverse thermal effects to bed while saving valuable space. An independent traveling swivel control panel allows the operator to reposition in Z-axis for optimal viewing and access, while extra large viewing windows give the operator a better view of the part and machining process. Massive Z-axis blockways dampen vibration during heavy cuts and maintain longer service life.


o Exceptional European design and quality utilizing many German components

o Choice of Fanuc or Siemens CNC with simplified programming packages

o Choice of Axes: 3 (X,Z,C), 4 (X,Z,C,Y-B)

o Live tools up to 16HP

o Choice of heavy-duty German-built 9 or 12-position VDI60 disc turrets

o Z-axis with heavy-duty 3.15" (80 mm) diameter precision ball screw for 89"-177" bc

o Z-axis with rack and double pinion drive for 216"-295" bc for longer life and better accuracies

o High torque Z-axis maximum feed force up to 43 kN

o X and Y-axis with preloaded linear guideways

o X-axis with heavy-duty 63 mm (2.5") diameter precision ball screw

o High torque X-axis servo and large ball screw for maximum feed force to 24kN

o Standard spindle turning torque 4100 Nm (Optional version up to 11,000 Nm)

o Autoshifting headstock ranges

o High-speed headstock: 5.5" bore up to 1800 rpm

o Exceptional rapid traverse rate in Z for large swing long bed lathes, 864 IPM

o Hydraulic tailstock with 7.8" diameter Live Quill extends to 11.7" and has hydraulic clamp/unclamping, Tailstock repositioning via saddle or optional programmable positioning available

o Massive 33.7" wide bed (Z) and 33.3" wide cross (X) guideways increase stability and performance

o Heavy-duty Meehanite grade castings

o Extensive range of options available including 40 station ATC, subspindle, boring bar attachment (manual or auto storage), hydraulic steady rests, hydraulic or pneumatic chucks, manual 3 or 4-jaw chucks, and more.

For nearly 40 years, Toolmex has specialized in rugged European-built medium and heavy duty Manual and Manual Plus CNC lathes designed for heavy, yet high precision work. In addition to the new FTM slant bed series, Toolmex offers a full line of 17" - 98" swing lathes, most with the exceptional TRI-V bedway design, Fanuc or Siemens CNC packages, custom enhancements, factory direct support and almost limitless options. Toolmex TUR Manual Plus CNC European built 22", 25" and 37" swing lathes are stocked for fast delivery, with choice of 78", 118", 157" or 236" bc. All Toolmex lathes are backed by a renowned 1-year warranty, experienced factory service engineers and a multi-million dollar spare parts & options center.

For more information, visit or call (800) 992-4766.

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