Size Matters: Weiler Offers Largest Line of 6' Grinder Accessories in Marketplace

December 1, 2008

The 6" Right Angle Grinder market is increasing rapidly in the United States. Yet, no one has offered a complete "package" of accessory tools to address this growing trend, until now. Weiler Corporation introduces the largest line of 6" Right Angle Grinder accessories in the marketplace!

Weiler's comprehensive assortment of fast-cutting, high quality Grinding & Cutting Wheels, Flap Discs and Wire Power Brushes are designed with your bottom line in mind. Manufactured for maximum aggression and long life, you'll waste no time getting the job done. Choose from a selection of Type 1 and Type 27 bonded abrasive wheels; Tiger® abrasive flap discs that grind and finish in one step; stringer bead and filler pass knot wire wheel brushes for weld cleaning; and an assortment of cup brushes for efficient cleaning of large surface areas.

Size does matter. So whether you're Cutting, Grinding, Cleaning, Deburring, Preparing Surfaces, or Finishing with a 6" Grinder, Weiler has the largest selection of accessories to choose from to meet your specific needs.

Weiler Corporation, an ISO 9001 manufacturer of power and abrasive nylon brushes, abrasives and maintenance products, provides world-class service and surface conditioning solutions.

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