Sintering Rolls are electrically heated to 750°F.

Press Release Summary:

Intended for manufacture of PTFE, Sintering Rolls have 500 mm diameter x 380 mm face. Electrically controlled cartridge heaters are placed inside circumference of rolls to provide desired heating profile. Each roll is divided into 3 heating zones for accurate heat distribution within 1% of desired heat setpoint. With temperature feedback from embedded heat sensors, controllers can provide temperature offset to ensure desired roll heating profile.

Original Press Release:

800 Degree Never Before Extremely High Temperature Sintering Rolls for PTFE Manufacture

IMC has developed new electrically heated to 448deg.C/750deg.F sintering rolls for the manufacture of PTFE. The stainless steel roll has a 500mm diameter x 380mm face. A series of electrically controlled cartridge heaters are placed inside the circumference of the roll to provide the desired heating profile. The heaters are placed into equally spaced gun drilled and honed holes under the OD of the rolls. When heated the cylindrical heaters expand to contact the individual hole OD to eliminated air gaps and transfer efficiently transfer the heat. Placement of the heaters is engineered to provide the most efficient heat distribution. Each roll is divided into 3 heating zones for accurate heat distribution within 1% of desired heat setpoint. A series of imbedded heat sensors provides actual temperature feedback to the individual controllers. The controllers can provide a temperature offset to ensure the desired roll heating profile.

All the wires from the cartridge heaters and sensors are fed through a wire escapement in the bored roll journal and fed to a slip ring assembly at the drive end of the journal. The slip ring assembly is mechanically held in place and the wires are brought to the controller cabinet which is supplied loose and can be conveniently mounted at the machine.

An insulated split cover that mates to the roll OD protects the rotating wires at the journal side of the roll. The slip ring assembly for each roll also has a protective cover.

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