Sinopec Qilu Plant in China Sets World Record Using GE Gasification Technology

GE Licensed Coal-Fed Gasification Facility Achieves Record for World's Longest Continuous Operation Cycle of its Kind at 481 Days

GE's Gasification Technology Demonstrates Unsurpassed Reliability

Technology that Helped Set Record Being Discussed at Gasification Technologies Conference in Colorado Springs

BEIJING – The Sinopec Qilu No. 2 fertilizer plant in China has achieved the world's longest continuous operation record for a licensed GE (NYSE: GE) coal-fed gasification facility: 481 days. The record-breaking operating cycle began on Dec. 14, 2011; the historic run ended on April 8, 2013.

GE's gasification technology that helped make the breakthrough possible is being discussed at the Gasification Technologies Conference, Oct. 13-16 in Colorado Springs, Colo.

"The reliability of GE gasification technology, combined with our focus on excellent plant operations and equipment management, made this accomplishment possible," said Mr. Song Hong Peng, director of Sinopec Qilu No. 2 fertilizer plant. "Now, we look forward to building on this success. Working with GE opens the door to additional technology innovations while we continue to find ways to enhance everything from feed-stock selection to preventive maintenance."

The plant, licensed in 2006 and located in Zibo, Shandong Province, uses three GE gasifiers, allowing two to run while one is on standby for planned maintenance. GE gasification technology at Sinopec Qilu began operation in October 2008. The plant produces a synthesis gas consisting of hydrogen and carbon monoxide. This gas is used as raw material to produce butyl alcohol and methanol.

As part of the growing coal-to-chemical industry in China, the plant is expected to meet new and stricter regulations for efficiency and water consumption.

"Given the vast coal reserves in China and the importance of the country's coal-to-chemical industry, GE continues to research and develop innovations that will further improve operations, including energy efficiency and water consumption," said Yang Dan, business leader—Power Generation China at GE Power & Water. "GE has a track record of more than 50 years of success in China, we know how important it is to operate simply and reliably, and help customers achieve their financial goals. Sinopec Qilu sets the record, but in many ways it is not an exception: Over the years—in China, the U.S. and Europe—GE gasification technology has proven itself robust, adaptable and reliable."

In 2012, GE announced the creation of its GE Shenhua Gasification Technology Company joint venture with the Shenhua Group to develop and deploy cleaner energy solutions in China, with a focus on using coal in a much cleaner way. The company combines GE's expertise in coal gasification technology with Shenhua's expertise in applying GE technology for coal gasification and coal-fired power generation.

Yang Dan added, "Future coal-to-chemical projects in China also will benefit from GE's integrated Radiant Syngas Cooler (RSC), extended slurry and advanced refractory technologies."

GE's sophisticated gasification technology utilizes the company's latest-generation RSC heat recovery system to capture heat in the form of steam during the gasification process, which converts coal to syngas. This enhanced steam production greatly reduces the need for additional steam or power produced from stand-alone boilers, boosting the efficiency and reducing the emissions of coal-to-chemical facilities.

GE is also introducing a proprietary technology to increase slurry concentration above traditional methods, enabling economic gasification of a wider envelope of coals. This extended slurry technology is available to be used with new gasification facilities, helping to increase efficiency and reduce capital expenditure, particularly for less expensive, lower rank coals. The technology is also being offered to existing facilities that desire to broaden their coal envelope, reduce oxygen and coal consumption, or increase synthesis gas production.

GE also has introduced a proprietary refractory lining system for the gasifier vessel used in GE's gasification process that utilizes GE's advanced refractory material. GE's innovative lining system extends the operating lifecycle and overall availability of the gasifier, while reducing maintenance costs compared to standard commercially available refractory technology. For example, GE's advanced refractory lining system on U.S. Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) plants is expected to perform 50 percent longer than GE's standard refractory technology, delivering one percentage point improvement to the overall plant availability.

Around the world, GE has nearly 160 gasifiers in commercial operation, with 87 in China. GE has the largest fleet in the industry, with a global presence in 15 different countries. There are 72 gasification facilities operating under GE gasification licenses, including more than 50 projects in China. GE's gasification business offers more than 60 years of industry leading experience, proven technology and flexible engineered solutions.

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