Singlemode Fiber Cables operate at all telecom wavelengths.

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Draka ezDISTANCE(TM) Ultra Low Loss cables operate across wide range of temperature extremes while maintaining G.652 backwards compatibility. They perform across 1,260-1,625 nm wavelengths, with attenuation value of finished cable at 0.19 dB/km at 1,550 nm. Suitable for networks such as high channel count 40G and 100G long-distance routes or dark fiber networks, cables are fully-compliant with ITU G.652.D singlemode fiber, ensuring compatibility with installed base.

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Draka Introduces the First Ultra Low Loss Singlemode Fiber Cable Solution for Next Generation Networks That Perform Across the Full Range of Telecom Wavelengths and Is Totally Compliant with Installed Base

Draka's ezDISTANCE(TM) family of fiber cable delivers ultra low loss cable performance across a wide range of temperature extremes while maintaining G.652 backwards compatibility. Ideal for next generation networks such as high channel count 40G and 100G long distance routes or dark fiber networks.

Claremont, North Carolina (NYSE EURONEXT: DRAK) - Draka Communications - Americas announces the introduction of a new line of fiber cables designed as a corner stone for next generation networks and dark fiber networks. Branded under the name Draka ezDISTANCE Ultra Low Loss this new singlemode fiber cable family delivers exceptional performance in outside plant cable installations, and maintains total compliance and compatibility with in-place infrastructure for transparent upgrade and interconnection.

Draka's ezDISTANCE Ultra Low Loss cable product

offers exceptional features such as:

o Ultra low attenuation value in finished cable of 0.19 db/km at 1550 nm

o 1260 nm to 1625 nm wavelength performance

o 100% compliance with ITU G.652.D singlemode fiber, hence totally compatible with installed base

o Low water peak at 1383 nm

o Low PMD of <0.04 ps/sqrt(km)

o Improved environmental performance

o Standard splice procedures and equipment

Draka's ezDISTANCE Ultra Low Loss extends the distance reach in long distance applications by improving the signal to noise ratio, thereby lengthening the distance between amplifiers. This loss improvement can be directly converted to extra system margin for network designers, which is of utmost importance for demanding 40 Gbit/s and 100Gbit/s network configurations where multi-degree tunable and reconfigurable nodes are implemented.

Available immediately, Draka is reaching out to the builders of next generation long haul networks and dark fiber networks with this new product. Draka's ezDISTANCE Ultra Low Loss fiber cable product is an addition to Draka's extensive portfolio of fiber cable solutions, ranging from access networks to ultra-long haul.

"Our leadership in fiber technology gives us a wide range of opportunity to improve and reinvent the world of fiber optic cable, both in the last mile and the long distance route. In this case the customer gets an amazing new fiber cable product that future proofs their long haul and dark fiber networks for years to come." states Greg Williams, Director of Marketing for Draka Communications - Americas. "We are very pleased to be the first to offer an ultra low loss fiber cable product that performs across the full 1260 to 1625nm band, tolerates extreme temperature ranges and also delivers guaranteed cable 0.19 db/km attenuation at 1550nm wavelength. By the way, these results are for an installed cable, not a lab setting."

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