Single-Use Bioreactor handles volumes from 4-10 L.

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Available in single-, twin-, triplet-, and quad-vessel configurations, Model XDR(TM)-10 is suitable for GMP clinical and commercial manufacture of biotherapeutics, vaccines, and other biologics. Bag-type benchtop unit features low shear impeller, which provides gentle mixing for sensitive cells or media. Bioreactor can function as production vessel, or become scale-down tool or satellite platform for larger projects to be continued in larger bioreactors.

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Xcellerex Introduces XDR-10 Single-Use Bioreactor for Benchtop Use

MARLBOROUGH, MASSACHUSETTS, USA - Xcellerex, Inc., a supplier of innovative manufacturing technologies for the fast-growing biopharmaceutical industry, has introduced its XDR(TM)-10 single-use bioreactor designed for benchtop use. The XDR-10 allows smooth scale-up to full production and is ideal for GMP clinical and commercial manufacture of biotherapeutics, vaccines, and other biologics.

The new system is the industry's first and only bag-type single-use bioreactor flexible enough to handle volumes from 4 L to 10 L. It is available in single-, twin-, triplet-, and quad-vessel configurations.

The new bioreactor joins Xcellerex's existing line of fully-integrated, fully-characterized systems available with working volumes of 50, 200, 500, 1,000 and 2,000 liters - and features the same fluid contact materials, fluid dynamics, and control strategies. It also integrates with Xcellerex's revolutionary FlexFactory® biomanufacturing platform.

The XDR-10's reliable, predictable results greatly reduce risks and times in scaling from benchtop pilot to production. Features include:

· Superior sparging flexibility for unmatched adaptability to the broadest range of cell lines.

· A low shear, high input-power impeller provides gentle, efficient mixing for sensitive cells or media.

· Optimized impeller position maximizes volume range and turndown ratio.

· Industrial-grade automation ensures process performance and consistent data management.

· Perfect for process development, small-scale production, seed train culture, or process troubleshooting.

The XDR-10 was designed with extensive customer input to execute the most critical biopharmaceutical tasks in a benchtop form factor. It can function as a production vessel in its own right, or become a scale-down tool or satellite platform (with multiple-vessel configurations available) for larger projects to be continued in larger bioreactors. The XDR-10 handles the industry's toughest challenges in process development - to perform as a small-scale production vessel and work as an ideal vehicle for seed-train culture. In any application, the XDR-10's power and flexibility minimize the number of required runs - to save time, work, and costs.

As are all XDR single-use bioreactors, the XDR-10 is an integral component of the Xcellerex FlexFactory modular biomanufacturing platform that leverages single-use technology and advanced process automation. The flexible platform enables biomanufacturers to accelerate their deployment of new manufacturing capacity while lowering risk, decreasing time to market, and reducing capital costs. The approach enables the deployment of new production facilities in 9 to 18 months (versus 3 to 5 years for current technology) at a total cost of less than 50% of conventional plants.

The XDR-10 single-use bioreactor is immediately available. For more information, contact a local Xcellerex sales representative or distributor. Reach Xcellerex directly by telephone at +1-508-683-2200 or by e-mail at, or visit

About Xcellerex, Inc.

Xcellerex, Inc., now part of GE Healthcare, is transforming biopharmaceutical manufacturing to provide the fastest time to drug production with its FlexFactory biomanufacturing platform. FlexFactory integrates a highly flexible, single-use production system with exceptional application and process knowledge - enabling biopharmaceutical manufacturers to accelerate deployment of new capacity while lowering risk, increasing speed, and reducing capital costs. Based in Marlborough, Massachusetts, Xcellerex was founded in 2002. Xcellerex is on the Web at

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