Single-Slot, Multi-Function, Ethernet-Capable, cPCI Card Upgraded with Additional Functionality

ARINC 429/575 & RS-232/422/485 added to D/S, S/D, D/LVDT, LVDT/D,
A/D, D/A, Reference Generator, RTD, and Discrete/TTL/Transceiver I/O modules

Bohemia NY - North Atlantic Industries (NAI) has announced an upgrade to the functionality of its 5-module, multi-function, single-slot cPCI (6U) card. This universal and highly flexible card eliminates the complexity and size constraints of using multiple, independent, single-function cards. The 78CS2 cPCI card can accommodate up to 5 independent function modules. ARINC 429/575 (6-channels) and RS-232/422/485 (4-channnels) functions have recently been added to its library of available modules. Other available function modules include D/S (2-channels), D/LVDT (2-channels), S/D (4-channels), LVDT/D (4-channels), A/D (10-channels), D/A (10-channels), AC Synchro Reference Generator, Discrete I/O (16-channels), TTL I/O (16-channels), Transceiver I/O (11-channels), and RTD (6-channels). The 78CS2 also incorporates a Gigabit Ethernet interface that can be used to control and transfer data to and from the board, without using the backplane bus. This Ethernet port allows the board to be used as a standalone remote sensor interface, without the need for a separate computer board.

The interchangeable multi-function design of the 78CS2 provides extensive diagnostics and is available in both commercial temperature range and severe-environment industrial temperature range. For increased flexibility, each of the functions of the 78CS2 is highly programmable at the channel level. Continuous background (BIT) testing is performed on all functions and channels. This testing is totally transparent to the user, requires no programming, and doesn't interfere with the normal operation of the card. The 78CS2 is ideally suited for military and commercial programs, including airborne, shipboard, ground mobile and C3I applications.

The 78CS2 is available with operating temperature ranges of -40ºC to +85ºC and 0ºC to +70ºC. Conduction cooled versions with wedge locks are also available. Pricing for 100 pieces of the 78CS2 starts at $2700 each. Delivery starts at 10 to 12 weeks ARO.

"The 78CS2 provides our customers with a flexible, multi-function, single-slot cPCI card that reduces size, weight, power and cost," said Lino Massafra, VP of Sales and Marketing at NAI. "They particularly like the complete range of function modules that are available."

North Atlantic Industries

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