Single-Phase Power Monitoring Kit from CAS DataLoggers

Cost-Effective Voltage and Current Monitoring Kit

CHESTERLAND OH - As autumn gets underway, companies using voltage optimization and seasonal maintenance often need a single-phase solution to view power usage from common devices anywhere from fridges to compressor motors. CAS DataLoggers now has the Single-Phase Voltage and Current Data Logger, a low-cost way to monitor the voltage supply and load current to view efficiency and ensure that equipment isn't drawing too much current. For under $800, the kit offers users fast sampling onto a large memory and includes software, leads and a transformer.

This new power data logger kit is ideal for users who only need to monitor single-phase voltage and current. The logger itself features one voltage channel up to 300Vac and one current channel measuring at 30Aac or 60Aac. Users can select an averaging period to suit each situation, using voltage channels recording VAvg, VMax & VMin, accurate to ±2% of the reading, and the logger's memory capacity extends to 32,000 true RMS values per channel (10bit). The kit includes the data logger itself, one voltage input lead, one RS232 serial lead, a clamp-on current transformer, software CD, and a carrying case. Setting up the data logger is easy for both semi-technical staff and frequent users.

Unlike competitors in the same price range, this power datalogger uses a continual sampling technique instead of only taking a single reading, so it's easy to find out whether a given voltage problem is load-related for further investigation. When the datalogger begins recording, it samples every channel 16x per cycle (cycle length is 16ms at 60Hz and 20ms at 50Hz). At the end of each averaging period, 3 quantities are saved for each channel, meaning that the device records all the highs and lows which are one cycle or longer so that users get a complete picture of the data.

FREE Electrosoft software is provided in the kit to enable users to plot power and energy by defining the voltage. Power factor is recorded for the voltage channel L1 and the current channel A1, and users can upload stored data to PC using the provided RS-232 cable and calculate the real (Watts), reactive (VARs) and apparent (VA) power. Both voltage and current levels are timestamped and stored on the datalogger for later viewing in convenient tables and graphs which can be printed showing recorded levels and allowable tolerance bands. Data can also be exported to a spreadsheet for easy management or saved to file, and users can utilize an internal database which manages the distribution of multiple data loggers.

For more information on our low-cost voltage and current data loggers, additional devices monitoring a wide variety of signals, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or visit the website at

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