Single, Dual LNBRs enhance satellite receiver operation.

Press Release Summary:

Low noise block converter regulator (LNBR) models A8295, A8297, and A8298 provide power and interface signals to LNB down converter via coaxial cable. Integrated boost MOSFET, current sensing, and compensation simplify design as well as minimizes components and PCB size. While single-output A8295 serves single-tuner satellite STB market, dual-output A8297 is suited for dual-tuner DVR models, and ceramic capacitor-capable A8298 targets SFF satellite tuner applications.

Original Press Release:

Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. Expands Family of Single and Dual Low Noist Block Supply and Control Voltage Regulators Designed for Satellite Receivers

Worcester, MA - Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. introduces the next-generation devices in a family of single and dual LNB supply and control voltage regulators designed for satellite receivers in Set Top Boxes and LCD TVs. These single and dual low noise block converter regulators (LNBR) are fully integrated linear and switching voltage regulators, specifically designed to provide the power and the interface signals to an LNB down converter via coaxial cable.

Allegro's latest generation of devices A8295, A8297 and A8298 offer increased internal protection and robustness, an integrated boost MOSFET, current sensing, and compensation which simplifies the design and minimizes components and PCB size. All devices have a reduced supply current to save energy, improved diagnostics, and a resistor-programmed output current limit to minimize the boost inductor/diode size and costs.

The single-output A8295 is a higher current version of Allegro's A8296 LNBR, with both devices serving the single-tuner satellite STB market. The dual-output A8297 is ideal for dual-tuner DVR models. The A8298 is a ceramic capacitor capable version of the A8295, targeted at extremely small form factor satellite tuner applications such as "super small" STB and integrated LCD televisions.

The A8295SESTR-T is priced at $1.39 and the A8298SESTR-T is priced at $1.42 and both devices are available in a 4 x 4 TQFN/MLP-20 package. The A8297SETTR-T is priced at $1.89 and is available in a 5 x 5 TQFN/MLP-28 package.

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