Single-Channel Voice Recorder has expandable architecture.

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Featuring Ethernet/LAN access for expandability and scalability, VP-101N voice logging tool is disaster recovery-ready and offers centralized control. Network-attached solution works standalone or as part of system configuration and logs data on its internal storage or server storage. Using 24 kHz sampling for optimal recording quality, recorder features Fail-Safe mode, is PoE-enabled, and offers 3 mode triggers. It also monitors and records missed calls or disconnects.

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TEAC America Launches VP-101N Expandable Single-Channel Voice Recorder

MONTEBELLO, Calif. -- TEAC America, Inc. launches the VP-101N expandable voice-recorder.

VP-101N is a single-channel voice-logging solution that features Ethernet / LAN access for expandability and scalability. It is "Disaster-Recovery" ready. Centralized control reduces cost of operation and maintenance and increases the efficiency of the recordings. VP-101N is network-attached and could work either as part of a system configuration or independently as a stand-alone system.

Up to 24 VP-101N units can be managed from only one PC. Other comparable units operate through USB connection only which is neither expandable nor scalable.

"TEAC VP-101N features endless hours of recording by storing data on both its internal and server storage. No other recorder in its class offers this feature as they store the recorded data on their internal storage alone which is limited and risky in case data is lost," says Aris H. Gharapetian, Director of Marketing at TEAC America, Inc. "VP-101N can store the data on the server which then can be monitored from the centralized location. If the server is down, VP-101N will switch to its internal storage for continuous recording. This is a unique feature of our system."

VP-101N uses 24KHz. sampling for recording. This provides the highest quality recording possible. No other voice-logger or recorder in its class offers 24KHz sampling. The standard used by other comparable voice-recorders in the market is only 8 KHz which dramatically reduces the quality of the recording.

With the special built-in "Fail-Safe" mode, VP-101N will continue to record even if the server storage fails. It senses the server failure and will switch to its internal storage for continuous recording.

VP-101N features 3-Mode Triggers: VOX (Voice-operated recording), External and Command triggers, or a combination of all the three modes. It monitors and records missed calls or disconnects. Other voice-logging systems lose the conversations recorded if the line is accidentally lost. With VP-101N, all the conversation is recorded and saved even if the line or phone is suddenly disconnected. VP-101N is "Powered-over-Ethernet" (PoE). VP-101N comes with AC power adapter. However, network hub is PoE capable. There is no need to use AC power adapter. Electric power is supplied via LAN cable from PoE hub.

VP-101N is designed for branch offices of insurance companies, law firms, banks, brokerage houses, doctor and dental offices, clinics, schools and universities, government organizations, and small call centers to exchange and share the archived voice information. It could also be used at Small Office / Home Offices (SOHO) to record daily phone conversations to potentially resolve any disputes saving the customers thousands of dollars by avoiding costly litigations. It is also used at convenience stores, retail stores and grocery stores to record ambient sound and conversations in conjunction with the surveillance cameras installed to record activities. Currently, there are only limited solutions for recording high quality audio when recording images with the security cameras. VP-101N presents the best solution for this application. Other applications for VP-101N are Corporate Satellite and Outside Sales Offices that record daily customer calls in each location to improve customer service, response-time and for training purposes.

VP-101N will be available from August from TEAC resellers / distributors. For more information, please contact TEAC at 323-727-4859 or email us at

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TEAC America, Inc., the largest subsidiary of the Japanese electronics maker TEAC, distributes high grade audio video electronics, consumer electronics, computer data recording and storage, professional recording equipment, disc publishing, voice recorders and CD/DVD, USB and SD Duplication products. Products are marketed by TEAC America under the brand names ESOTERIC, TEAC and TASCAM. TEAC America, Inc., was established in 1967.


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