Single-Channel Transmitter includes ISM functionality.

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Equipped with full-color touchscreen, multi-parameter Model M800 monitors up to 4 in-line sensors for pH/ORP, conductivity, amperometric/optical oxygen, and turbidity measurement. Intelligent Sensor Management technology offers diagnostic tools that maximize sensor lifetime and ensure measurement reliability. Predictive diagnostics tools such as Dynamic Lifetime Indicator, Adaptive Calibration Timer, and Time to Maintenance indicator are displayed via iMonitor feature.

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New Transmitter for Improved Management of Measurement Systems through Smart and Predictive Maintenance

Transmitters, as the interface between process analytical sensors and the user or control system, are central to successful and efficient production within all process industries. The M800 1-Channel is METTLER TOLEDO's newest premium line multi-parameter transmitter with compatibility to digital and analog sensors (mixed-mode functionality). This new transmitter combines the highest measurement reliability, thanks to METTLER TOLEDO's Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) technology, with easy handling and operation due to the full-color touchscreen display and simple menu structure.

Stable product quality, process safety, and cost reduction are essential success factors for pharmaceutical, food and beverage, biotechnology, or chemical companies. Maintenance requirements for sensors and unplanned production downtimes resulting from sensor failure impact production and are substantial operating costs. ISM, the most advanced process analytics technology in today's market, reduces sensor maintenance and offers unique diagnostic tools that not only increase sensor lifetime, but also improve the performance and reliability of the complete measurement system.

The METTLER TOLEDO M800 1-Channel transmitter is fully equipped with ISM functionality. Predictive diagnostics tools such as the Dynamic Lifetime Indicator (DLI), Adaptive Calibration Timer (ACT), and Time to Maintenance (TTM) indicator are clearly displayed via the unique iMonitor feature. The DLI, ACT, and TTM enable the user to keep track of the most important information on the state of the measurement system, at a glance. Warnings and alarms are color coded and shown in a distinctive and unmistakable way. In addition, the M800 transmitter features configuration options allowing proactive maintenance and, as a result, cost optimized management of measurement systems.

With its full-color, high-resolution touchscreen, clearly structured menus and user management functions, the M800 1-Channel raises the bar for user friendly transmitter operation.

The M800 1-Channel is a multi-parameter, single-channel device which covers analog and ISM sensors for pH/ORP, conductivity, amperometric and optical oxygen (dissolved oxygen as well as oxygen gas), and turbidity measurement.

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About METTLER TOLEDO Process Analytics

METTLER TOLEDO's Process Analytics division develops and manufactures instrumentation and sensors used for process measurement and control, offering measurements of pH, dissolved and gaseous oxygen, dissolved ozone, turbidity, oxygen reduction potential, resistivity/conductivity, total organic carbon and flow.

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