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Conduction-cooled Model SVME-DMV-183 features single or dual 1.5 GHz FreeScale MPC7447A/7448 PowerPC processors. Altivec(TM)-enabled processors are supported by GT-64460 Discovery(TM) III system controller, which provides bridging to PPC MPX bus and DDR SDRAM bus, two 64-bit PCI busses, and Flash EPROM's and non-PCI peripheral's device bus. Computer includes 512 Mb or 1 Gb of DDR SDRAM with ECC, Gigabit Ethernet, SCSI, and 2 USB 2.0 ports.

Original Press Release:

New Single Board Computer Combines Higher Performance with More Features and a Lower Price

New conduction-cooled SVME/DMV-183 supports dual FreeScale 7447A/7448 processors at up to 1.5GHz for real-time embedded computing in harsh environments

Leesburg, VA January 17, 2005 - Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing (CWCEC) has announced a new high performance dual processor rugged 6U VMEbus single board computer featuring faster processors, additional operating features and a lower retail price than its predecessors. The SVME/DMV-183 features single or dual 1.5 GHz FreeScale MPC7447A/7448 PowerPC processors. Ideal for technology upgrades, the SVME/DMV-183 is fully compatible with earlier generations of CWCEC's SVME PowerPC-based SBCs. Available in CWCEC's full range of environmental build grades, this conduction-cooled SBC is targeted to the demanding data processing needs of tactical aircraft, armored vehicles and many harsh environment naval systems.

"The SVME/DMV-183 represents a significant new product development philosophy made possible by the integration of the many companies that have been acquired by Curtiss-Wright Corporation in the past year," said Lynn Patterson, vice president and general manager of Modular Solutions, CWCEC. "While it embodies CWCEC's commitment to consistently offer rugged high performance SBC solutions that utilize the most advanced available technology, it also represents the combined strength of the CWCEC companies. We are committed to leveraging these strengths to produce high performance, high-value products for harsh environments."

The board's Altivec(TM)-enabled 7447A/7448 PowerPC (PPC) processor(s) are supported by a GT-64460 Discovery(TM) III system controller that provides bridging to the PPC MPX bus and the DDR SDRAM bus, two 64-bit PCI busses and the Flash EPROM's and non-PCI peripheral's high performance device bus. On-board memory includes 512 MB or 1 Gbyte of DDR SDRAM with ECC (growth path to 2 GB). Up to 256 Mbytes of contiguous direct-mapped Flash is also available (growth path to 512 MB). Additional on-board features include Gigabit Ethernet, SCSI, and two USB 2.0 ports. Support for up to two MIL-STD-1553 channels (1553A, 1553B Notice 2, and STANAG 3838) is provided as an option.

The SVME/DMV-183 features enhanced thermal management for conduction cooled applications, including thermal management layers within the PWB. The board features both direct processor shunts and mid-plane thermal PMC shunts. In addition, a TherMax(TM) aluminum thermal frame directs heat from the PMC sites and other shunted components to the board's back side for cooling to ensure minimal temperature rise.

"The SVME/DMV-183 sets the standard for cost-effective high performance, rugged real-time embedded computing. With single or dual PPCs and unmatched I/O flexibility, this board is ideal for retrofit or technology insertion applications," added Ms. Patterson.

System expansion on the SVME/DMV-183 is supported with two 64-bit PMC sites, one of which supports 100 MHz PCI-X while retaining compatibility with legacy 33 MHz and 66 MHz PMC modules. Both of the PMC sites are designed to the VITA 20-2001 Conduction Cooled PMC (CCPMC) standard.

The SVME/DMV-183 provides highly flexible I/O configuration and can be configured with up to six serial ports; two RS-232 ports are standard and up to four RS-232/422/485 ports can be added via CWCEC's I/O Personality Modules (IPM) which enable system designers to select from numerous combinations of serial channels and discrete logic.

Software Support
Operating system support for the SVME/DMV-183 includes Wind River VxWorks/Tornado, Green Hills INTEGRITY, and TimeSys Linux. An Altivec-optimized DSP library from IXLibs-AV is also supported.

The SVME/DMV-183 is available in a range of air-cooled and conduction-cooled configurations. Please contact the factory or visit for more information. Pricing for the SVME/DMV-183 starts at $9,250.

Inquiries: Please forward all Sales and reader inquiries to Jerri-Lynne Klassen, Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing, Tel: (613) 254-5112; Fax: (613) 599-7777;

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