Single-Antenna UHF Chips offer multiple security features.

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Suited for fashion, retail, and electronics markets, UCODE G2iL and G2iL+ offer single antenna port sensitivity of -18 dBm for extended read ranges. Features such as tag tamper alarm, privacy mode options, and password-protected data transfer or digital switch lend to data security. Additionally, UCODE G2iL+ improves read and write performance to -23 dBm when connected to power supply and offers real read range reduction (4R), which reduces read range to few inches.

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NXP Chips Provide Unparalleled Performance and Features for RFID Systems

New UCODE G2iL series deliver leading edge read ranges, unique anti-tampering and privacy protection features.

Eindhoven, Netherlands - NXP Semiconductors, the market leader in RFID chips, today introduced its latest UHF solutions for the fashion, retail and electronics markets. The UCODE G2iL and G2iL+ enable leading-edge read ranges based on a simple, cost-effective single antenna solution. In addition, the new chips offer a variety of industry-first features, including a tag tamper alarm, several privacy mode options, and password-protected data transfer or digital switch. Based on its outstanding performance and special features, the new UCODE G2iL series provides high read rates, ultimate flexibility, and best-in-class cost-performance ratios for item-level tagging and authentication in advanced RFID systems.

"Long read ranges, without the extra cost of a second antenna, and effective privacy protection - combined with a tag tamper alarm - are essential in RFID tags and labels for high-volume consumer goods. Through ongoing evaluation and testing in NXP's RFID Application and System Center, we've developed a unique product series that has been optimized for real-life conditions in the retail, fashion and electronic device markets," said Chris Feige, general manager, tagging and authentication, NXP Semiconductors. "With industry-leading performance and lean memory, the UCODE G2iL is ideal for cost-sensitive RFID applications, while the UCODE G2iL+ introduces many features that are a first in the industry"

"The new UCODE G2iL+ chips offer versatile features that make it ideal for the fashion and electronics markets, as well as other market segments such as product authentication, electronic vehicle tagging and airline tags," said Maggie Bidlingmaier, global director of sales and marketing at Avery Dennison RFID. "We have been impressed with the performance of the UCODE G2iL and G2iL+ series in our initial tests and look forward to working with NXP to bring new tags and labels to market."

"The high performance of UCODE G2iL and G2iL+ devices means better read rates and smaller inlays - ultimately enabling more and better RFID solutions across multiple end-use industries," said Samuli Strömberg, vice president of marketing, RFID, at UPM Raflatac. "We are committed to building on the exceptional sensitivity of the NXP RFID chips to offer the strongest, most reliable read range performance possible."

Leading edge read range
The NXP UCODE G2iL and G2iL+ chips offer a single antenna port sensitivity of -18 dBm (decibel in reference to one milliwatt), requiring only half the RF power to activate the chip compared to previous UCODE devices. This results in long read ranges which match dual antenna port solutions with equal sized antennas. The UCODE G2iL+ further improves both READ and WRITE performance to a staggering -23 dBm when connected to a power supply.

Special features for retail, fashion and electronics products
Features available for UCODE G2iL and UCODE G2iL+:
  • Product Status Flag (PSF). The UCODE G2iL series offers a product status flag which can be set and reset repeatedly to indicate whether a product has undergone a quality check or passed a certain process checkpoint, and can also be used as an electronic article surveillance (EAS) alarm.
  • Read Protect. Privacy protection is available in a number of different ways, including the Read Protect feature, which allows the UCODE G2iL series to deny general access to product information contained in its EPC / TID memory, and allow authorized access only. The Read Protect feature can be set and reset repeatedly, using 32-bit password protection.
    Additional features available in UCODE G2iL+ include:
  • Tag tamper alarm. While conventional RFID tags can easily be removed, the new UCODE G2iL+ includes an innovative tag tamper alarm feature which detects any attempts to tamper in case a label is ripped, torn or moved. This unique tag tamper feature sends a signal to the reader that it has been manipulated. The tag tamper alarm is particularly useful in identifying when a label has been cut off a piece of apparel in a retail store changing room, or indicating when a tag has been removed from its original position for any simple seals for items such as containers or jewelry.
  • Digital data transfer / digital switch. Enabling flexible product configuration and activation at any stage including the point of sale (POS), these features are specifically tailored to reduce theft and manage inventory levels in the electronic device market. Firmware or configuration data can be loaded into the microcontroller of a device via the air interface of the UCODE G2iL+ chip, allowing device manufacturers to enable or disable specific features for different device models, or lock and unlock the device at various control points along the supply chain or at the final point of sale.
  • Real Read Range Reduction (4R). The UCODE G2iL+ chip offers a real read range reduction, which reduces the read range to only a few inches, so that both consumers and shop owners don't need to worry about unauthorized reads.

    The UCODE G2iL and G2iL+ chips build on NXP Semiconductors' expertise in High Performance Mixed Signal technology, offering ultra-low power consumption.

    Engineering samples of the UCODE G2iL and G2iL+ are now available for tag and inlay manufacturers with chip volume production starting in June. Tag and inlay samples are expected to be available in the May/June time frame. Additional information is available at UCODE G2iL series product page.

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