Sine Wave Output Filters target motor applications up to 500 Vac.

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Series FMAC SINE, 3-phase sine wave output filters are optimized for motor cables up to 200 m, while FMAC SINE DCL filters accomodate motor cables up to 1,000 m. They both convert output voltage wave forms produced by PWM frequency converters into low-distortion sine wave forms for motor and power transformation applications. Rated for currents from 4-16 A, they are suited for motors with power from 1.5-7.5 kW, frequency of 0-200 Hz, and switching frequency of 2-20 kHz.

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EMC Solutions with 3-Phase SINE Wave Filters

FMAC SINE an FMAC SINE DCL Filters Offer Improved Performance, Reliability and Efficiency

Santa Rosa, California - Schurter expands its output filter portfolio for improved EMC with the introduction of the 3-phase sine wave output filters, series FMAC SINE and FMAC SINE DCL. The new sine wave filters are designed to convert output voltage wave forms produced by PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) frequency converters into low distortion sine wave forms for motor and power transformation applications resulting in significantly increased efficiency and life of the motor. The Schurter sine wave filters are intended for use in 500 VAC installations and currents upwards of 4A.

The FMAC SINE and the FMAC SINE DCL operating voltage is 3 x 288/500 VAC and rated currents range from 4-16A. Both have screw clamp terminals and screw on mounting to the chassis. They are designed for use in motors with power from 1.5 - 7.5 kW, frequency 0-200 Hz and switching frequency of 2-20 kHz. The new sine wave filters allow the use of long, lightweight and cost effective unshielded motor cables. FMAC SINE is optimized for motor cables up to 200 m. The FMAC SINE DCL includes a voltage DC link and efficiently accommodates motor cables up to 1000 m under full load.

The sine wave filters are suited to a wide variety of applications including frequency converters in uninterruptible power supplies, elevators, HVAC systems, conveyor systems and medical equipment. The filters are packaged individually and pricing starts at $644 each. More information on the FMAC SINE and the FMAC SINE DCL can be found on the Schurter website at For sales and product information contact Cora Umlauf at 800 848-2600 or

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