Simultaneous Back Glass/Front Pellicle Inspection

Small footprint, Low cost, High ROI, Easy to use, Low MTTBF (03 years), requires no maintenance.

Stand alone desk top unit or integrated into Reticle stockers, cleaners, automatic handling systems.

Provides the end users with an automated Particle detection System leading to higher yields.

The PDS platform of systems allows the end users to  avoid delays delays in the photolithography process by performing a complete inspection on each reticle prior to its use.

Thus providing a more cost-effective and more reliable solution than a manual visual inspection process, subject to Human error.

PDS inspects the surface of the glass side and the pellicle surface of the chrome side for particles and other imperfections down to 01µm, reference Polystyrene Latex Spheres (PSLs).

The system detects particles, stains, scratches, holes and other defects which may be reviewed post inspection, using our Image Analysis software.

Give us a call to see how we may assist you in improving your inspection process.

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