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Developed for MS Windows 7 (64-bit), WITNESS 12 is designed in line with Microsoft professional authoring products such as Visual Studio 2011 in order to provide optimized interface and simulation tools. Size and flexibility of on-screen working area aids model development/manipulation, while optimizer module accelerates what-if experimentation. Report creation, model interactivity, docking options for windows, tool bars, and full screen support further promote productivity.

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Lanner Launches WITNESS 12 Software

Lanner, a provider of simulation software proven to maximize performance and optimize resources, today announced details of WITNESS 12, the latest version of its flagship simulation solution.

Building on the rich functionality and breadth of capabilities inherent in WITNESS, WITNESS 12 has been designed in line with the latest Microsoft professional authoring products, such as Visual Studio 2011. This enhancement provides users with a superior interface and easy to use simulation tools.

Developed for Microsoft's Windows 7 (64 bit) platform, WITNESS 12 is simple to install, and delivers the largest and most flexible on-screen working area for customers, aiding model development and manipulation. In addition to core WITNESS functionality such as speed and power; the ability to create comprehensive and customisable reports; unparalleled levels of model interactivity; an 'optimizer' module to speed up 'what-if' experimentation; and ease of use, WITNESS 12 offers a plethora of features focused on productivity which include improved docking options for windows, new tool bars and full screen support.

"Building on the rich functionality and breadth of capabilities WITNESS is known for, WITNESS 12's interface reflects the latest professional authoring products, and is easier to use than ever before," comments David Jones, CEO, Lanner. "Through making simulation more accessible - without compromising power or depth of functionality - WITNESS 12 helps organizations to make the very best decisions, decreasing risk and boosting performance."

For more information, visit or follow Lanner on twitter @Lanner.

About Lanner: Any business can use the proven simulation software and services delivered by Lanner to maximize its performance and optimize the use of resources.

Lanner is an international company with headquarters in the UK and offices in USA, Germany, France and China. Its simulation software has delivered answers for commercial businesses and government organizations since 1979, helping them move toward operational perfection. Lanner's customers include some of the largest and most successful firms in the world and its technology is embedded within leading software vendors' products.

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