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Apr 29, 2014 - In addition to multimethod capabilities, AnyLogic v7 supports agent-based, discrete event and system dynamics modeling. Functionalities of models can be unlimitedly broadened with Java code, allowing simulating of systems of any complexity and scale. Complex model building is supported and facilitated by such capabilities as unifying concepts from different methods, Process Modeling and Pedestrian libraries, Space Markup palette, unified 3D space, and usability-optimized UI.

AnyLogic North America, LLC - Chicago, IL

Original Press Release

Faster and Easier with Increased Functionality...Welcome to AnyLogic 7

Press release date: Apr 29, 2014

We are proud to announce the release of our newest version, AnyLogic 7. AnyLogic 7 will prove to be a giant leap forward in simulation and modeling software, featuring enhanced, user friendly, multimethod capabilities. The AnyLogic Company, an international simulation and modeling company based in the US and Europe boasts a user group of over 600 companies and 1,200 universities.

AnyLogic is the only software that supports agent based, discrete event and system dynamics modeling. Models’ functionalities can be unlimitedly broadened with Java code, which allows for simulating systems of any complexity and scale.

Complex model building has been made easy by…
• Unifying concepts from different methods
• Writing Java code is now optional due to specially designed wizards
• A new Process Modeling Library:  Among other things, it extends modelers’ capabilities for manufacturing simulation by supporting “pull” entity flow protocol together with traditional “push” protocol
• A vastly improved Pedestrian Library: Allows users to simulate movements of more people without impacting model performance
• A new Space Markup palette: Makes it easier to work with transportation networks and pedestrian areas
• A unified 3D space: Significant for users who build spatial models, makes the working process faster and easier
• Improving general usability: Revised user interface and control elements placed according to typical user behavior

Fear Not! AnyLogic 6 models will run in AnyLogic 7, expect a smooth transition. Current AnyLogic customers with updated maintenance, please go ahead and upgrade to the full version of AnyLogic 7 at no additional cost. If you are not yet a customer, download the trial version by clicking . If you have questions, please email