Simple Gas Determinator can be ramped for gas separation.

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Model TCH600 Nitrogen/Oxygen/Hydrogen (N/O/H) Determinator delivers N/O/H determination in 1 analysis for metal and inorganic applications. It offers re-engineered solid-state infrared (IR) and thermal conductivity (TC) detectors, dynamic flow compensation, and electrode impulse furnace. Its Windows®-based operating system offers diagnostics, archiving, and flexible reporting capabilities. It is available with ECLIPSE protocol-linking electronics.

Original Press Release:

Advanced Nitrogen/Oxygen/Hydrogen Determination from LECO

St. Joseph, Ml - LECO combines innovative technology with proven performance to bring you the state-of-the-art TCH600 Nitrogen/Oxygen/Hydrogen Determinator. Advanced N/O/H determination in a single analysis for a wide variety of metal and inorganic applications-ideal for both production and research environments.

The TCH600 features re-engineered solid-state infrared (IR) and thermal conductivity (TC) detectors that provide lower detection limits and expanded instrument range. Dynamic flow compensation ensures the integrity of the flow system while improving accuracy and precision for nitrogen determination in high-level oxygen materials. A powerful electrode impulse furnace (controlled by power, current, or temperature) can be ramped for separation of oxides/nitrides.

The easy-to-use Windows®-based operating system offers advanced diagnostics, extended archiving, and flexible reporting capabilities. Take advantage of LECO's SmartLine(TM) service link, your direct connection for quicker solutions and minimized downtime. Exclusive ECLIPSE network protocol-linking peripheral system electronics-is also available. Other advantages include a smaller footprint, reduced maintenance, flexible upgrades, and pre-defined application techniques.

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