Simonds® International Granted New Patent for Bandsaw Technology

Fitchburg, Mass. - Simonds International, a manufacturer of cutting tools and products for the industrial marketplace announced today that it has been granted U.S. Patent No. #7,913,601 for its new A8 BroadBand blade design, by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

In an effort to deliver improved bandsaw performance and technology, Simonds International developed a proprietary A8 algorithm, which rethinks bandsaw tooth placement and sizing. The A8 patent provides Simonds with a unique product solution for customers that are facing sawing challenges associated with shock, abrasion and heat.

"The tooth spacing differentials are great enough to dampen vibration, but are also uniformly spaced enough to optimize the distribution of wear," said Dale Petts, global product manager, Simonds International. "The ratio of spacing, teeth within a pattern and the sequence with which teeth are presented all help to achieve maximum tool life and withstand a higher level of abuse than conventional bandsaw blade tooth designs," added Petts. The A8 BroadBand provides greater beam strength for straighter bandsaw cuts, uniform wear, longer tool life, and an improved resistance to abuse.

"A8 also performs in a wider range of applications and in a greater range of material sizes than traditional blades," David Miles, Simonds' vice president of sales and marketing, says. "With its versatility, the A8 BroadBand meets varying needs and delivers confidence, convenience and economy to users."

The A8 patent is currently in production on a number of Simonds' most successful bandsaw product families, including:

o BlockBuster
o IC Enduro
o Triple Chip Carbide
o VPST Carbide
o BlockBuster SineWave Products
o Triple Chip Carbide SineWave Products

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