Silver Inks, Adhesives offer reduced-conductivity alternative.

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Featuring greater than 85% silver content and volume resistance of 0.0005 ohm-cm upon cure, 125-43A/B119-44 solvent-resistant, 2-component electrically conductive ink is intended for touchscreens and shielding applications. Used for making attachments on electrical and mechanical devices, 125-46A/B,C, electrically conductive epoxy adhesive exhibits volume resistivity of less than 0.01 ohm-cm upon cure. This single- or 2-component system supports various dispensing options.

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Creative Materials Offers New Lower Cost Silver Inks and Adhesives

Ayer, MA: Creative Materials, Inc., has continued to develop promising lower cost alternatives to conventionally manufactured silver inks and adhesives. With several new products qualified for production, we are confidently expanding our lower cost product line. In applications where a slight reduction in conductivity may be acceptable, these new "economical" products can provide cost savings while delivering the same high-quality performance of our standard silver inks and adhesives.

Two new successful lower cost products:
125-43A/B119-44, Solvent-Resistant Electrically Conductive Ink-Developed for touch screens and shielding applications, this product has been successfully implemented in the manufacture of RFI-shielded displays. Adapted from CMI's highly regarded 118-09A/B, 125-43A/B offers the same properties and chemical composition, with a slight decrease in overall conductivity.

125-46A/B,C, Economical Electrically Conductive Epoxy Adhesive-With little compromise to overall conductivity, this product was developed for making attachments on electrical and mechanical devices. Available for a wide range of dispensing options, 125-46A/B,C can be used with direct write and jet-dispensing systems. Based on the chemistry of our popular 124-08A/B,C, this product is also available in a two-component easily mixed one-to-one system and a one-component pre-mixed system.

Creative Materials' R&D team has been able to reduce overall silver content through a proprietary process, yielding very little change in performance. These silver complex inks and adhesives feature excellent adhesive properties, flexibility, and solvent resistance. We are expanding this innovative process to other products, responding to the demand for lower cost alternatives in the face of increased silver cost. Products can be customized to your application needs and product specifications. Please contact us with the specifics of your application.

Creative Materials, Inc., is a leading manufacturer of electrically conductive inks, coatings, and adhesives. Products from Creative Materials are used in electronic components for computers, keyboards, cell phones, solar collectors, automobiles and aircraft, for medical electrodes, medical instruments, and heating equipment. Creative Materials is ISO 9001 certified, with an extensive product line with more than 1,000 products. We are renowned for creating custom formulations that are used in a wide variety of global applications, providing cost-effective design solutions for demanding production requirements. With over 80 years of experience in the adhesives, ink and coating industry, our staff combines technical expertise with nimble production capabilities, enabling us to reduce time-to-market for new product applications.

Our products are manufactured to order, with typical lead times of two to three weeks. Pricing is available upon request. For more information about these and other products, please visit our website at, or contact us at

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