Silver Cutting with GCC LaserPro FMC 280

A precious, “soft, white, and lustrous transition metal”, silver has the “highest electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity” and reflectivity of any metal and is one of the most popular materials in jewelry design (Wikipedia).

The FMC280 Fiber Laser Cutter makes the best of laser processing. With no consumables or cutting knife replacement required, FMC280, perfect for graphics cutting and micro-processing jobs, requires lower energy consumption as fiber lasers are in use and guarantees simple operation. Unlike other fiber laser cutters which may struggle when working on metals with high reflectivity, FMC280 cuts faster through its high wattage peak power fiber lasers. Its capacitive cutting head auto-detects thermal deformation during cutting and automatically makes adjustments to reach the optimized focal distance to deliver impeccable cutting quality even when cutting high reflective materials such as silver.

FMC 280 highlights:

Cutting head auto-adjusts to achieve the optimized focal distance, ensuring consistent cutting quality

No supplies required

No knife replacement

High speed cutting at peak power

Delicate cutting

Simple operation


The two-pass high speed processing technology eliminates these issues that might occur during low speed cutting:

Damage of cutting head caused by high reflectivity

Poor cutting performance due to over-melting of silver.

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