Silicone Sponge Products are used as cushions and seals.

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Cohrlastic® closed cell silicone sponge gaskets and cushioning pads, supplied in custom die cut, water jet cut, and slit-to-width configurations, come in thicknesses from .032-.50 in. Formulations R10470-M (medium compressibility) and R10470-F (firm) are general-purpose silicone sponge, R10480-S (soft) and R10480-M maintain resiliency under extended compression, and R10460 adds flame-retardance. R10450 is constructed of silicone sponge with fiberglass reinforcement.

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Silicone Sponge Rubber Provides Improved Cushioning and Sealing

Philadelphia, PA -- Stockwell Rubber Company announces the availability of closed cell silicone sponge gaskets and cushioning pads supplied in custom die cut, water jet cut, and slit-to-width configurations. Silicone rubber provides resilience, high temperature stability, age resistance and inertness unavailable in any other elastomer. Closed cell silicone sponge generally seals moisture and weather better than open cell silicone foam due to its cell structure. Its ability to function from -80°F to 450°F makes these materials ideal for applications that require use over temperature extremes.

Stockwell Rubber Company, Inc. has teamed with St. Gobain Performance Plastics to provide their full product line of Cohrlastic® closed cell silicone sponge products in various grades of firmness ranging from soft, medium to firm. The thickness range is .032" through .50" thick, and special gauges can be attained by bonding layers using low viscosity silicone bonding adhesives. The resilience and compression set properties of silicone sponge make it ideal for gasketing and cushioning ruggedized portable equipment and enclosures. Frequently specified formulations are R10470-M (medium compressibility) and R10470-F (firm), general purpose silicone sponge that can be used in most applications. R10480-S (soft) and R10480-M (medium) has extremely low compression set and maintains its resiliency under extended compression. R10460 is flame retardant, meeting UL94HB and has low compression set properties similar to R10480. R10450 is a unique construction of silicone sponge with fiberglass reinforcement to provide dimensional stability during installation and under compression. Most of these products meet a number of specifications such as AMS 3195, AMS 3196, Mil-R-46089 and Mil-R-6130, Type 2, Grades B & C. Stockwell Rubber Co. applies over ten different acrylic and silicone based pressure sensitive adhesives to its silicone sponge product line. The firm maintains a full inventory of densities and all gauges within the .032" to .500" thickness range to support fast turn prototyping and production requirements - typically utilizing their water jet cutting systems to produce fast turn prototype and short production runs of gaskets from customer supplied Autocad dxf and dwg files.

For complete information on Stockwell Rubber Company's offerings in Silicone Sponge, other silicone rubber products, and molding and fabrication capabilities, contact William B. Stockwell, Stockwell Rubber Company, Inc.

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