Silicone Rubber Boots deliver complete switch seal.

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Replacing nominal mounting nut, silicone rubber switch boots ensure continued operation of toggle switches, push button switches, and rotary switches. Waterproof products fully protect against exposure to harsh environmental elements such as oil, sand, dust, dirt, and moisture. Available for all types of electrical controls, boots are molded on brass hex nut with silicone rubber and conform to military specifications. They are DFAR- and ROHS-compliant and operate from -160 to +500°F.

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Zago Enters Rubber Boots Market Offers Complete Sealing Solutions to Meet Today's Design Challenges

NEWARK, NJ --- Failure is not an option. And a leading U.S. manufacturer is making sure it stays that way when it comes to your electrical control products.

One of the main reasons switches fail is because they are not sealed properly, leaving them vulnerable to corrosive environments. ZaGO Manufacturing Company has remedied this problem with a new line of silicone rubber switch boots for toggle switches, push button switches and rotary switches that will ensure the long-lasting operation of the equipment for which they are used.

"With more and more product applications requiring protection against the elements, we are pleased to introduce our new rubber boots to continue to meet the needs of our customers," said Harvey Rottenstrich, President of ZaGO, a leading supplier of seal screws for more than 15 years. "Our fasteners are found in the most innovative products on the market and guarantee high performance in even the most challenging environments. Our new switch boot seals will protect against switch failure and eliminate the need for switch replacements."

To meet the mounting challenges of climate change, the need for alternative energy solutions has never been more in demand and as a result, engineers and designers are seeking specialized components to create new products and equipment that is more energy efficient and more dependable than ever before.

Whether it is batteries for electric cars in the automotive industry, fuel efficient transportation for the two billion business and leisure passengers in aerospace, the shipping and freight needs of the marine industry, or wind turbines for utilities, ZaGO's entry into the rubber boots marketplace provides tangible solutions that are needed in today's global marketplace.

By replacing the ordinary mounting nut with ZaGO's new seal boot, a switch has full protection against exposure to harsh environmental elements such as water, oil, sand, dust, dirt, humidity, moisture, precipitation, and other contaminants. ZaGO's new switch seal boots are waterproof, not just water resistant, and are available for all types of electrical controls. The new switch boots can handle tough applications for use in marine equipment, off-road vehicles, aircrafts, welding equipment, medical equipment, and much more.

The boots are molded on a brass hex nut with silicone rubber which conforms to military specifications. No special handling is required; they install easily and fit over most standard switches. All boots are crafted from a single-piece design and are DFAR and ROHS compliant. Small and light weight, they will operate in temperature ranges from -160 degrees F to 500 degrees F.

Emerging technology sectors that will benefit from ZaGO's rubber boot seals include aerospace, automotive, computer and electronic equipment, medical equipment, and marine as well as for "green" products such as solar panels, wind turbines, and electric cars. These products store electric energy in the form of battery electric cells, which can leak chemical solutions if not sealed properly.

"Our seal components are the solution to any sealing problem as they provide a combination of sealing and fastening in one complete unit," said Rottenstrich. "The rubber elements are capable of sealing any fluids or gas that may leak outside any enclosure, keeping it from irreversibly harming the environment."

ZaGO's new rubber boot seals are the latest innovation to the company's complete range of sealing solutions, from "off the shelf" to custom made specifications utilizing high-tech production methods and CNC equipment. The Newark, NJ-based company specializes in producing sealing fasteners and boots. Additional products include seal nuts, panel bushing seal washers, seal rivets, seal Acorn nuts, and more. Products are supplied through distribution and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). ZaGO maintains its administration systems in accordance with the standards and guidelines of ISO 9001:2000 and proud manufactures all of its parts in the U.S.A. using the best materials available.

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