Silicone Intermediate is available for food-contact applications.

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Solventless liquid silicone resin, Dow Corning® 3074 Intermediate, blends with organic or other silicone resins to extend and improve processability and performance of coating systems. Specifically, solution provides high-temperature resistance, durability, and weatherability for range of coating formulations while minimizing release of VOCs. Reactive methoxy functionality makes this intermediate compatible with range of materials and also reacts with hydroxyl-functional resins.

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Dow Corning Silicone Intermediate Increases Coating Performance - from Architectural, Marine and Industrial to Food-Contact Applications

MIDLAND, Mich. – Dow Corning’s proven Dow Corning® 3074 Intermediate – used extensively as a reliable, high-performance material of choice in the demanding architectural, marine and industrial sectors – is now available for food-contact applications. This versatile, solventless liquid silicone resin is designed to blend easily with organic or other silicone resins to extend and improve the processability and performance of coating systems. It provides exceptional high-temperature resistance, durability and weatherability for a broad range of coating formulations, while minimizing the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) for increased sustainability. 

Notably, Dow Corning 3074 Intermediate – when used in compliance with U.S. Federal Drug Administration (FDA) 21 CFR 175.300 – is ideally suited for food contact applications that require resistance to extreme heat or aim to improve the durability of interior and exterior coatings used in cookware and bakeware products. In addition, it has been positively assessed according to Germany’s Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung (BfR) Recommendation XV. on Silicone for food contact. While not an actual certificate of compliance, the assessment showed that Dow Corning 3074 Intermediate – when used as an additive in plastic materials and processed and cured as directed by Dow Corning – will meet the requirements for finished products for use in contact with foodstuffs.

“Solventless Dow Corning 3074 Intermediate resin spotlights the tremendous value and versatility of our coatings technologies, which ultimately helps our customers differentiate their products, penetrate entirely new coating segments and gain a strong competitive edge,” said Jim Stange, Dow Corning’s North America market manager, Coatings. “Dow Corning’s extensive knowledge and expertise in the coatings industry allows us to proactively address market needs and provide customers with advanced resin coating solutions for a potentially unlimited range of high-performance coating formulations.  Offering Dow Corning 3074 Intermediate resin for food contact applications, when used in compliance with FDA 21 CFR 175.3000, underscores our commitment to the industry and our customers.”

Dow Corning 3074 Intermediate’s reactive methoxy functionality makes it extremely compatible with other materials. It reacts with hydroxyl-functional resins, such as polyesters, to facilitate polysiloxane hybrid and copolymer formulations. In addition, it eases copolymerization or cold-blending with organic resins – such as polyesters, alkyds, epoxies and acrylics – to cost-effectively create systems cured easily by ambient moisture.

Dow Corning 3074 Intermediate also blends other Dow Corning products to optimize coating performance. These include Dow Corning® 3055 Resin to greatly improve water repellency, chemical resistance and gloss retention; and Dow Corning® 3037 Resin (that can be blended at any ratio with 3074 Resin) to tailor the flexibility of a given coating to meet exact customer requirements. In its liquid form, Dow Corning 3074 Intermediate offers easy handling vs. flake resins.

Dow Corning 3074 Intermediate imparts the high-value properties and performance of silicone technology to a wide and growing array of demanding applications, including:

• Food contact coatings:  When fully cured and used in accordance with the prescribed conditions of FDA 21 CFR 175.300, Dow Corning 3074 Intermediate is suitable for use in food contact coatings as an indirect food additive where it can help improve the durability of interior and exterior cookware and bakeware coatings. In addition, it was positively assessed according to German BfR Recommendation XV. on Silicone for food contact (BfR-Empfehlungen XV. zu Silicone).

• Architectural and marine coatings:  The silicone intermediate enables more highly weatherable silicone-polyester copolymers for coil coatings, and improves weatherability for silicone alkyds on applications above the deck line.

• High-temperature coatings:  When blended with other silicone resins, Dow Corning 3074 Intermediate serves as a reactive diluent that can greatly enhance high-heat performance and other physical properties, and reduce VOCs.

• Industrial protective coatings:  Dow Corning 3074 Intermediate can also be combined with select silicone coating materials to significantly boost resistance to corrosion, chemicals and ultraviolet (UV) light.

Solventless Dow Corning 3074 Intermediate Resin is available globally.

BfR (in English, Federal Institute for Risk Assessment) was established in 2002 to strengthen consumer health protection initiatives. According to the institute’s website, BfR is the scientific agency of the Federal Republic of Germany and is responsible for preparing expert reports and opinions on food and feed safety, as well as on the safety of substances and products.

Dow Corning offers a comprehensive selection of innovative silicon-based additives, resins and binders for the coatings industry. In addition to materials, the company provides support services and solutions tailored to the specific business needs of the global coatings industry.

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