Silicone Elastomers are used in Solar PV panel production.

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Bluestar Silicones Announces Launch of New Silicone Elastomers for Solar Photovoltaic Panels

Company Enters Growing U.S. Market with Broad Offering for Frame Sealants, Bonding, and Potting

EAST BRUNSWICK, N.J. - Bluestar Silicones has announced the North American introduction of a new range of silicone elastomers for the production of solar photovoltaic panels. The launch represents Bluestar Silicones' entry into the fast-growing solar energy market which is undergoing significant growth in the U.S. with expansion by existing solar panel manufacturers and the emergence of new overseas suppliers.

Bluestar is offering several new materials for frame sealant, junction box bonding, and potting applications as a drop-in replacement for competitive silicone elastomer products. This new range offers comparable performance, providing long-term sealing and bonding, along with protection of solar cells and electrical connections against moisture, ultraviolet light, thermal cycling, and mechanical stress. In addition, these materials ensure manufacturers a high level of confidence in meeting these stringent demands over a 20- to 25-year warranty period.

"This launch is a key to our global strategy in solar energy and it positions us firmly as a full-service supplier to meet the growing needs of the dynamic U.S. market which is excepted to grow anywhere from 10% to 30%/yr over the next five to seven years," explained Mark Neuber, Bluestar Silicones' business director for elastomer products.

The new product range includes the CAF® line of products for frame sealing and junction bonding. This line of one-component silicone elastomers consists of four grades (CAF 505, 510, 520, and 530) which cure at room temperature. They offer excellent adhesion to several back sheet materials such as polyvinyl fluoride (PVF) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and also adhere to junction box materials such as polyphenylene oxide (PPO) and polycarbonate. The CAF grades also maintain good elasticity over a wide temperature range (-50 C to 180 C) with excellent weatherability and electrical insulation.

The launch also includes SunsilTM 2030, a high-productivity material for frame sealing. It is an activated, two-component silicone RTV which offers a significant cycle time reduction (full cure in 30 min), resulting in higher output for PV panel makers.

For potting and encapsulation, Bluestar has introduced pourable two-component silicone elastomers which cure at room temperature by polyaddition reaction. The potting material line includes the standard grade, ESA 7252, along with ESA 7252 QC, another high-productivity product which cures in 15 min. ESA potting materials offer excellent weather resistance and provide strong protection against moisture.

The company's entire line of materials is commercially available and backed by technical service and application development support from Bluestar Silicones' Rock Hill, S.C. facility.

About Bluestar Silicones
Bluestar Silicones, based in East Brunswick, N.J., is a Euros600 million worldwide silicones raw material manufacturer established in 2007 through China National Bluestar Corp.'s acquisition of Rhodia Silicones. The company is one of the world's leading fully integrated global silicones manufacturers with more than 50 years of silicone expertise. Bluestar has manufacturing operations throughout the world and combines upstream silicon metal operations and capacity with downstream silicone market and application development expertise. The company offers a comprehensive range of silicone products including release coatings, engineering elastomers, healthcare products, specialty fluids, emulsions, and resins. For more information, call (866) 474-6342 or visit

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