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Silica Gel Desiccant Bag comes in several varieties.

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Silica Gel Desiccant Bag comes in several varieties.

Apr 09, 2014 - Used to absorb moist air or oxygen, desiccant packets can contain different type of granules or desiccant powders. Color silica gel granules (blue and orange) change color at different levels of absorption; non-colored (white) version is also available. Once granule is fully contaminated, it changes color completely to indicate it needs to be replaced. Granules can be restored to original shape and size by heating to over 300°C, and packet form factor optimizes absorption area.

Sorbead India - Vadodara, IND

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Sorbead India Announces the Launch of Silica Gel Desiccant Bag

Press release date: Apr 07, 2013

Vadodara, Gujarat — Sorbead India gladly announces its best range of desiccant packets. Desiccant packets are although manufactured by many companies but it is advisable to purchase only those products which are affiliated under all terms and conditions set by the government. The products manufactured under the company’s tag assure you about the quality. Desiccant packets are basically those substances which have the ability to absorb moist air or oxygen. These desiccant packets can have different type of granules or desiccant powders. But apart from this they are not available in any other form the reason for this is that desiccants in this form provides the highest surface area for absorption.

The most common desiccant to be used in these packets are silica gel granules. Silica gel granules are also divided into various categories colored and non-colored. Under colored category comes blue and orange silica gel granules and non-colored is white silica gel. The colored silica gel changes its color at different levels of absorption, indicating the amount of moisture it has absorbed. Once the granule is fully contaminated it totally changes its color and indicates that it has to be replaced now. The best thing about these granules is that after full contamination of these granules can again be regained into its original shape and size by heating it over 300oC.

Apart from this other type of desiccants can also be used in these packets. Like molecular sieves, clay packets or activated carbon. You have the choice to either use then all on their own or you can also use it in combination with different desiccants. Here each desiccant has its own specialty. Molecular sieves are considered best after silica gel to absorb moisture. Clay and activated carbon specializes in absorbing odor. So, if you use silica gel with activated carbon you can easily get rid of moisture with odor. Many of the times clay is also used as desiccant but it is not that effective as it starts to release moisture if not replaced on time. You must have seen small packets of desiccants when you purchase any new leather jacket or shoes. These small packets are added to absorb that pungent smell obtained in these products.