Silent Knight Responds to Mother Nature's Fury

Farenhyt Fire Alarm System Provides School Cost-Effective, Long-Term Protection

NORTHFORD, Conn., - Silent Knight by Honeywell (NYSE: HON) and local integrator Barnum Engineered Systems have come to the aid of a Connecticut school system with a new Farenhyt fire alarm system following two damaging acts of nature. Cost-effective retrofit and expansion capabilities, ease-of-use and multiple local sources for products and service were this middle and high school's primary fire alarm system requirements.

A lightening strike in 2010, followed by Hurricane Irene a year later, damaged the school facilities' fire alarm systems beyond repair. The previous systems were also plagued by false alarms and staff spent countless hours searching for elusive spare parts to keep them online. With a frozen budget tying the school to its current systems, the school's Maintenance Supervisor, Guy Boucher, scrambled for a quick, reliable solution with proven longevity.

A new Farenhyt IFP-100VIP fire alarm and voice evacuation system from Silent Knight was installed in the school's gymnasium building by Bill Compton, now a sales engineer with Barnum Engineered Systems of Derby, Conn. Compton happened to be working for another company on a phone system in the school at the time.

"I mentioned my situation to Bill and he told me that he could have a new panel up and running before school started," recalls Boucher. "I took that to my manager and he went for it."

Paramount to the school's cost-effective, timely retrofit was Barnum's ability to re-use the previous fire alarm's existing copper wire and quickly replace any damaged detectors with new System Sensor devices. Built-in code wheels enabled each detector's point address to be set quickly.

After earning an appreciation for the ease of use and smooth operation of the gymnasium's new Farenhyt fire alarm system from Silent Knight, Mother Nature stepped in once again.

"On August 28th, Hurricane Irene blew in and we had no power for several days," relates Boucher. "When the power came back on, the old fire alarm panel in the main school building did not."

After seeking a number of quotes, Boucher reached out to Barnum again, which got a new Farenhyt IFP-1000VIP system installed, online and code approved before the start of the school year less than two weeks later.

In terms of the decision to go with the Farenhyt IFP-1000VIP panel, Boucher wanted an expandable, future-proof system - one that could accommodate the addition of carbon monoxide detection, if and when local code changes come to fruition.

"I knew that with the IFP-1000VIP, we could have as many as eight addressable loops, which could easily accommodate any system growth. And having worked on close to a dozen conversions with existing cables, I've found the Silent Knight system to work extremely well," reports Compton.

While Boucher intends to continue working with Compton, he appreciates having a fire alarm system that does not tie him to one vendor for the future. Being produced by Silent Knight in the United States is another positive factor for this public school system.

To make it easy for Boucher to monitor the gymnasium from the main school building, Barnum connected the two systems together utilizing one of the eight addressable loops in the IFP1000-VIP panel. Barnum also converted old heat detectors in the classrooms to addressable Farenhyt IDP thermal detectors . Now Boucher can monitor extreme shifts in classroom temperature thermal events through the Farenhyt fire alarm control panel, which is a big fire safety jump for the school.

Given the high-intelligibility standards of the Farenhyt system's audio capabilities, upgrading it to also serve as a mass notification system is another option Compton has offered the school. The introduction of a new Emergency Communications System from Silent Knight in early 2012 will enable a good number of existing Farenhyt systems to easily integrate this new mass notification technology.

Reflecting on a job well done, Boucher relates, "Barnum Tech's Mike Kozma and Chris Ramos came in, banged it out, we did some testing, and it all worked. I'm very pleased with the Farenhyt system, and if I had to do it again, I don't think I'd change anything."

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Silent Knight, part of the Honeywell (NYSE: HON) Life Safety Group, designs and manufactures commercial fire alarm and life safety systems. Its broad portfolio of products is available through security equipment distribution and a nationwide network of authorized Farenhyt Distributors. Founded in 1961, Silent Knight's manufacturing operations are based in the United States.

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