Signal Generator simulates up to 32 satellite signals.

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With frequency range of 950–3,000 MHz, R&S SLG generates up to 32 digital satellite TV transponders simultaneously and in real-time. Sixteen of 32 transponders transmit externally fed transport streams, while others transmit internally generated PRBS data. Transport streams are fed into instrument via IP or ASI interface, and each channel can contain ARB waveform or CW carrier instead of TV signal. R&S SLG can be operated from PC via web GUI, and can also be remote controlled via SCPI or SNMP.

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Simulation of up to 32 Satellite Signals with One Instrument Now Possible with the R&S SLG from Rohde & Schwarz

In the past, simulating TV satellite uplinks and downlinks required a large number of signal generators. Not anymore. Now one instrument, the R&S SLG satellite signal generator, can generate up to 32 satellite TV signals. Satellite TV network operators and manufacturers of consumer equipment and professional satellite electronics will especially benefit from this compact generator.  


Munich — The R&S SLG is the first multichannel signal generator on the market to generate up to 32 digital satellite TV transponders simultaneously and in real-time. This extremely compact 19” 1 HU generator replaces a full rack of modulators. Users save energy and space and eliminate the time-consuming, error-prone operation of multiple instruments.  


The R&S SLG has a frequency range from 950 MHz to 3000 MHz and supports the DVB-S, DSNG, DVB-S2, DVB-S2 wide-band, ISDB-S and ISDB-S2 standards. 16 of the 32 possible transponders transmit externally fed transport streams, while the others transmit internally generated PRBS data. The transport streams are fed into the instrument via an IP or ASI interface. Each channel can contain an ARB waveform or a CW carrier instead of a TV signal.  


The multichannel signal generator was designed primarily as an RF test system for satellite TV components. It is equipped with all interfaces commonly used in consumer electronics and professional satellite electronics. It is just as suitable for developing and testing set-top boxes and tuners as for testing terrestrial satellite station and satellite transponder equipment.  Satellite TV network operators can also use the R&S SLG for network simulation and network optimization.   


Thanks to its ability to simultaneously generate multiple channels with high symbol rates, the R&S SLG is ideal for performing stress tests on systems that process large data quantities, such as transcoders, conditional access software and surveillance data processing systems. The signal generator simulates a number of simultaneously arriving live video signals as transmitted to the control center via satellite, for example from drones or airplanes.   


The R&S SLG can be conveniently operated from a PC via a web GUI. It can also be remote controlled via SCPI or SNMP, making it suitable for installation in automatic test systems.   


The R&S SLG satellite load generator is now available from Rohde & Schwarz.  


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