Signal Conditioner has eight channel amplifier.

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SCS-818 has amplifier, 4-pole Butterworth low-pass filter, and uni-polar to bi-polar output stage that can drive analog measurement and control signals more than 50 m, making it suitable for measurement, control, and data acquisition in noisy real-time process control environments. Each module provides 8 individually controlled filters that can each be tuned to corner frequency from l Hz to 50 kHz. Each has instrumentation amplifier with gains of 1 to 1000.

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New 8-Channel Amplifier / 4-Pole Filter Module Minimizes Data Collection Delays For Better Real-Time Control And Measurement

COSTA MESA, CA (April 8, 2002) - Alligator Technologies, a leading supplier of data acquisition and sensor signal conditioning equipment, today introduced an expansion to its line of signal conditioning modules, the SCS-818. A high-performance amplifier and 4-pole Butterworth low-pass filter, the new SCS-818 8-channel module features a custom uni-polar to bi-polar output stage that can drive analog measurement and control signals greater than 50 meters, more than twice the distance for typical A/D and D/As, providing better measurement and control for noisy real-time process control environments and data acquisition.

Recognizing the need for better real-time process control, most facilities have moved to a networked system of distributed controllers, either PC or PLC-based. These expensive controllers and racks are then placed close to the point where analog measurements and control signals are used to overcome the "noisy" electrical environment of industrial and process control. Alligator's SCS-818, with a combination of both signal amplification and filtering, lets users reduce the number of these controllers and position them up to 50 meters from the analog signals and measurements, twice the normal distance, while increasing the signal performance.

The SCS-818 is designed for rugged environments and includes enhanced A/D range resolution via a uni-polar to bi-polar signal selection and reduced offset (2mv @ RTI) at high gain. Additionally, a unique feature to the SCS-818 is a proprietary DC transformer circuit that provides true differential outputs, with 10-ohm output impedance. This circuit guarantees that the common mode noise will not affect the signal at the receiving end, as well as enabling use of single-ended inputs on the A/D converter. This effectively doubles the number of A/D channels without sacrificing common-mode rejection since each channel output is available as a differential signal - ensuring signal quality resulting in saved time and money.

Each SCS-818 amplifier/filter module provides eight individually controlled low-pass filters that can each be tuned to a corner frequency from l Hz to 50kHz. Each of the channels also has a dedicated instrumentation amplifier with software selectable gains of 1-1000 in 1-2-5 steps.

The SCS-818 plugs into the company's portable SCS-800 or rackmount SCS-801 signal conditioning system, eliminating the need for more-expensive PLC or IPC (ISA or PCI) cards slots for the amplifiers. Both of these portable and rack mount systems are self-contained and come with a modular architecture accommodating up to 16 cards and 144 channels in a compact 4U height space.

Filter operation is via the rack's RS-232C interface and accomplished through Windows(TM) 95/98/NT/2000/Me/XP compatible dlls or using Alligator's graphical user interface (GUI) software package, SystemView800. This easy to use menu-driven software eliminates the need for programming while making all relevant calculations as parameters change and assists the operator to speed set-up, configuration changes, and subsequent analysis. For added data security, the SCS-800 base system stores the last configuration in non- volatile memory, eliminating the need for reconfiguration due to a power fault.

Price and Availability
The eight-channel SCS-818 module is priced at $2,098 ($261/channel) and is available in four weeks ARO. A base chassis, the SCS-800, starts at $2,498. Substantial volume discounts are available for OEMs, system integrators and multiple-unit end users. All units and modules come with one-year limited factory warranty.

Company Information
Founded in 1984, Alligator Technologies' Data Acquisition and Analysis (DAA) business unit specializes in filter system solutions. The company's expertise lies in providing high-performance, cost-effective signal-conditioning solutions for customers by providing standard off- the-shelf products, adaptation of standard filter circuit elements into custom solutions, and fully custom interconnect solutions. The company's current product line also includes the SCS-800 high performance portable or rack mount signal conditioning system with special function adapters for strain gauge, accelerometer, RTD, thermocouple, 0-20mA devices, accelerometer and piezo-bridge sensors.

With the addition of the 4-pole SCS-818 Butterworth module, Alligator offers a full line of amplifier options including the SCS-816 8-pole and the SCS-814 6-pole modules as well as portable (SCS-800) and rackmount (SCS-801) systems. For more information, customers should contact Robert Galter, Alligator Technologies, 2900 Bristol St., Suite E-101, Costa Mesa, CA 92626. Tel: 714-850-9984. E-mail: or visit

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