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Combining software applications, signage media, and digital color printers, Color Signage Solution enables retail customers to produce professional-quality signage and materials in-store. OKI® C9300dxn and C9500dxn printers feature up to 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution and are developed with Single Pass Color(TM) and digital LED technology. System handles various media, such as film, card stock, banners, labels, table tents, and shelf strips.

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Oki Data Americas Introduces Color Signage Solution for On-Demand, In-Store Printing

Retailers Stand to Benefit From Faster Production of Powerful Communication to Customers

MOUNT LAUREL, N.J., Jan. 17 -- Oki Data Americas, Inc., a leading provider of innovative digital printing products, services and solutions, today introduced its Color Signage Solution that enables retail customers to produce a full range of professional-quality signage and materials in-store. The solution combines Oki Data's innovative software applications, signage media and award-winning digital color printers.

With the signage capabilities from Oki Data, retailers can generate new materials on a wide variety of media immediately in their stores. That capability can effectively eliminate the 3- to 10-day lead time often required for hard-copy materials to be printed outside the store and shipped.

"In an environment such as retail, where signage communicates so powerfully to the customer, a retailer's ability to respond instantly to change is critical. OKI's signage solution gives retailers the power to generate or update quality signage immediately, right in their own stores," said Terry Cruikshank, Retail Industry Marketing Consultant for Oki Data Americas, Inc. "Customers can now use OKI's signage solution to produce new or revised point-of-purchase materials or signage to reflect a new sale, promotion or price change on the spot, as opposed to waiting up to 10 days for a delivery from an outside printing source. And when retailers are able to respond so quickly, their inventory is able to move more swiftly."

The Color Signage Solution is based on award-winning, high-end OKI(R) digital color printers, the OKI C9300dxn and C9500dxn. These units provide high print speeds, up to 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution and an innovative print engine to offer the highest levels of quality, performance and value. The printers are developed with Single Pass Color(TM) and Digital LED technology, which enhances productivity and reliability levels.

Also, with the advanced internal color matching software and ICC color profiles, the Color Signage Solution delivers consistent color accuracy. Hard disk drives and duplex printing are standard features with the C9300dxn and C9500dxn. And these printers are customized with special features to print a variety of signage media, including custom OKI print drivers, special media settings to handle cling film and specific media like 4-up labels and enhanced media handling features through the multi-purpose tray.

As part of the Color Signage Solution, Oki Data also offers its OKI Signage Media Collection, which includes a variety of specially developed media to support creative, profitable signage campaigns. The media collection includes popular formats, including card stock up to 203 gsm, cling film, 4-up labels, shelf strips, table tents, and premium gloss paper. Oki Data also offers banner paper, which at 47.4" x 12.9", is the industry's longest banner media. The OKI Signage Media Collection, in conjunction with the Color Signage Solution, provides a significantly lower cost per print versus typically outsourced, short print production runs. It has been thoroughly tested to ensure excellence when used for printing signage. Moreover, OKI is certified to handle numerous other varieties of signage media.

"By offering outstanding media options and a superior Color Signage Solution, we're making it easier for retailers and multi-location businesses to compete and succeed at the local level," said Cruikshank. "Oki Data provides a wide range of color printing solutions; and we have the industry expertise to understand retail customers' needs. As a result, Oki Data is able to partner with our customers to ensure that each of our products and services benefit their business."

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Oki Data Americas, Inc., headquartered in Mount Laurel, N.J., and a subsidiary of Oki Data Corporation of Japan, supplies PC peripheral equipment including digital color and monochrome printers, serial impact dot matrix printers, multifunction products and facsimiles. Known for durable and reliable products, Oki Data is ISO 9001:2000 certified and also offers a full line of options, accessories and consumables. Its entire line of products complies with the EPA's Energy Star(R) Program. Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd., parent company to Oki Data Corporation, is a $7.0 billion multinational corporation with headquarters in Tokyo and is a world leader in information processing systems, telecommunications and electronics.

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