Sigma Design's Advanced Engineering Analysis Helps Lower the Risk of Excess Heat Transfer for Electronic Devices, Components, and Products

SPRINGFIELD, NJ--March 19, 2008- By utilizing advanced engineering methods and analysis, heat transfer in electronic devices may be designed and controlled to minimize risk and maximize reliability. Sigma Design Company utilizes NIKA Computational Flow Software and Cosmos Finite Element Analysis software to help electronics companies lower their risk of faulty design from the overheating of electronics components, integrated circuits and devices. Such preliminary design and analysis can potentially save millions of dollars in product failure, recall, and poor performance.

"It could be any electronic device," says Jerry Lynch, president of Sigma Design Company ( "Once we know the heat load of the device and its geometry, we are able to model the device or component in 3D, perform a computational air flow analysis, and can determine the best method for removing heat from it in order to prevent damage and failure."

Because electronics entail many different materials and are used in a wide variety of environments, it is critical that a very detailed engineering analysis be performed to prevent the electronic device or component from overheating and ultimately failing.

"Our software and methodology allows us to use 'what if" scenarios for a multitude of conditions and environments that the product will be subject to" explains Lynch. "A thorough and comprehensive upfront analysis can reap huge benefits for the product's reliability and ultimate success. It is a very sensible way of reducing the risk and liability from overheating of electronic devices and components."

Sigma Design's capability in providing this service comes at a time when power supplies and other electronic devices have been recalled due to overheating. This has resulted in millions of dollars in recall, redesign and replacement of such faulty components.

Lynch cites an example from of one of his own clients, a manufacturer of optical devices. Their device produced a definitive measure of heat, measured in watts. They wanted to remove that heat from the enclosure to avoid any problems resulting from overheating.

Sigma Design was able to model the device and heat transfer patterns using computational fluid dynamics and finite element analysis. They ultimately recommend various designs that were useful in removing heat so that the device could operate over its anticipated range of environments without undue risk of poor performance, reliability and ultimately failure.

"It's a classic case of how mechanical engineering can be utilized to solve problems for electronic devices. In the end, it can be invaluable to the product's success and reliability," says Lynch.

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