Sight Glasses with FDA-Food Grade Sealant are Released for Production

Encole has developed sight glasses with a quartz-to-metal bonding adhesive approved by the

FDA for the food processing industry. Specifically, the bonding material used in the Encole

sight glasses meets FDA CFR 175.300 Food Grade Testing Requirements.

Sight glasses made from 316 stainless steel, GE-124 Quartz and the FDA-approved adhesive

can be used in food and foodstuffs processing equipment, such as flour manufacturing, grain

milling and dairy processing plants. The benefit of these sight glasses is that they are

specifically designed to be readily installed into the process vessels of pipelines for process

observation of control.

Sight glasses have threaded connections such as National Pipe Taper threads, ISO Metric or

Standard straight threads or can be made custom to fit specific application requirements.

Released to production sight glasses are available on the Encole online catalog at

About Encole, LLC:

Encole LLC, (Encole) is an American Company specializing in custom engineering,

manufacturing and distribution of industrial products via its online catalog. The Company is

headquartered in San Jose, California, focusing on applications in the areas of energy

generation, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, and industrial process observation components.

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Rebecca Ivaschenko

Director of Operations


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