Sig-Tec Corporation and HealthCast, Inc. Announce Strong Authentication Single Sign-On Solution to Patient Information Requiring 'No More Passwords'

MINNEAPOLIS, Sept. 5, 2006 - Sig-Tec Corporation and HealthCast, Inc. announce enterprise single sign-on combined with advanced strong authentication biometric technologies designed specifically for clinical access to patient information at healthcare facilities.

Sig-Tec's Strong Authentication Security software has built its reputation on high levels of security, convenience, and ease-of-use for every user from the clinician to the administrator. HealthCast's eXactACCESS(TM) Single Sign-On platform provides clinicians with fast and secure access to critical patient information while meeting HIPAA regulations. Sig-Tec's middleware features over thirty of the latest authentication devices and security technologies with replication across the enterprise to create the most flexible and reliable source for specific security needs.
The result is a proven solution that allows any organization the ability to mix and match any device combination to create its own secure access solution. In addition to single sign-on and proper application logoff, eXactACCESS offers three approaches to managing shared workstations to improve user productivity (Roaming Sessions, Multiple-user sessions, and Kiosk mode), manages password change events, enables navigation within applications, and has successfully integrated the healthcare industry's most challenging applications. The joint solution offers speed, convenience, and flexibility to improve workflow and strengthen security in complex hospital environments.

"We are excited to combine the power of our comprehensive security authentication solution with HealthCast's highly advanced single sign-on for healthcare," says Thomas Hoghaug, CEO of Sig-Tec Corporation. "These robust products simplify and secure user access to both the enterprise's network and all associated applications while creating the most advanced strong authentication solution that supports multiple types of security devices utilizing smart cards, tokens, biometrics, and proximity cards."

"HealthCast's business is to provide clinicians with quick access to patient information while supporting the HIPAA initiatives of our healthcare customers," adds Joan Mehn, CEO of HealthCast Inc. "By offering Sig-Tec's identity and authentication devices together with eXactACCESS, we are pleased to bring an unparalleled level of speed, user convenience, and security to the market."

The combined solution links directly with existing Directory Services (e.g., Active Directory) as the central administration environment without extending the schema.
Sig-Tec has a full GINA replacement that provides added security, making credential management for smart cards, tokens, biometrics and proximity cards in any combination possible, as well as offering true strong authentication, Two-Factor authentication, or Multi-Factor authentication. And the eXactACCESS / Sig-Tec solution will integrate seamlessly with Microsoft's new Vista operating system that will be launched in 2007.

About Sig-Tec Corporation

Sig-Tec is an emerging leader of patent-pending security access solutions. Sig-Tec's strong authentication and true multifactor authentication software supports an extensive selection of biometrics, iclass cards, smartcards, and proximity cards to create the most flexible and reliable source for each client's operating environment and security needs. Sig-Tec has also just completed development of an Enterprise Level Convergence Software solution for physical access to its current security products that address Logical Access Security, Print Security and Remote Desktop Access Security. Sig-Tec has designed its products to aid in compliance with government regulatory security requirements such as HIPAA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, and Sarbanes-Oxley Acts.

For more information or to schedule a Webcast, please call John McGuire at (952-294-3055) or visit

About HealthCast®, Inc.

For the past ten years, HealthCast has brought innovative software solutions to healthcare. Its enterprise single sign-on solution, eXactACCESS, is widely recognized for its scalability, support of healthcare environments, advanced application management functionality, and multiple approaches to managing shared workstations, including its unique domain-level fast user switching.

For more information or to schedule a Webcast, please call Mike Collett, Vice President, Sales (812-944-5290) or visit

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