Sieve targets pneumatic conveying lines.

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Enabling processors to screen and transport material simultaneously, Blow Thru Sieve(TM) eliminates double handling. It allows good product to pass through vibrating mesh screen while removing oversize contamination from powders during dilute phase pneumatic conveying. By combining powder screening and positive pressure conveying, throughputs up to 60,000 lb/hr are achieved. Unit assembles and disassembles with single tool, and is mounted on mobile stand for use at multiple locations.

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Russell Finex's Blow Thru Sieve

Expedite Production and Boost Quality with Russell Finex's Blow Thru Sieve

By combining powder screening and positive pressure conveying, throughputs up to 60,000 lbs. per hour are achieved

To raise production and ensure that incoming ingredients and outgoing products are contamination-free, Russell Finex, a leader in sieving, screening, and filtration equipment, announces its Blow Thru Sieve(tm) for use in pneumatic conveying lines.

Because the Blow Thru Sieve enables processors to screen and transport material simultaneously and removes oversize contamination from powders during dilute phase pneumatic conveying, it improves production and product quality while safeguarding reputation. It is perfect for screening powders from delivery tankers before storage, before filling tankers at dispatch, and anywhere powders are pneumatically conveyed.

By combining material screening and transport, the sieve eliminates double handling, thus increasing efficiency. Since product is conveyed under pressure into the sieve through a tangential inlet, this ensures that high throughput rates can be achieved with minimal pressure losses. Good product is allowed to pass through the vibrating mesh screen while oversize material remains on top where it can be removed at the end of a batch.

Its unique design enables processors to screen material as they load or unload tankers, trucks or silos without slowing the process -- for expedited throughputs up to 60,000 lbs. per hour as recorded in on-site customer trials.

As the Blow Thru Sieve conforms to European Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC, it is certified for use up to a maximum pressure of 2 bar in Europe, and is suitable for use up to 1 bar pressure (14.5 psi) in North America. This makes the unit ideal for any bulk powder application where quality and efficiency are important.

The unit is designed to minimize downtime and maximize production. Since the unit assembles and disassembles using a single tool, for instance, this allows quick, simple cleaning between batches. As the unit is mounted on a mobile stand, it can be used at multiple on-site locations, giving manufacturers total installation flexibility.

In addition, Russell Finex has designed the unit to be operator-friendly with an easily accessible inlet/outlet and operator safeguards. Once opened, the lid is secured in the open position by a positive lock-off system, which frees the operator's hands for any cleaning or maintenance and prevents the lid from accidentally closing. To reduce excessive lifting, the lid hinge is spring assisted.

The Blow Thru Sieve is available with FDA-approved materials and surface finishes for food applications, and a variety of connections are available for complete compatibility with existing processes and equipment.

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