Sieve Shaker determines particle size in minutes.

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Portable Meinzer II determines particle size for products ranging from 3 in. to 75 microns. Sieve motion gives particles optimal time over apertures of sieves for repeatable results. It has 60 min timer, clamping system that allows change of sieve stacks in seconds, and electromagnet power with no moving parts. Applications include pharmaceutical powders, ground coffee, concrete, and feed.

Original Press Release:

The Meinzer II Sieve Shaker

The New Meinzer II Sieve Shaker allows you to determine particle size easily and accurately for products ranging from 3 in. to 75um in a matter of minutes. New technology provides an exacting sieve motion to give particles optimal time over the apertures of your sieves for precise, repeatable results. The Meinzer II is used to make this maintenance-free shaker an important asset to your testing processes whether you work with pharmaceutical powders, ground coffee, concrete, or even feed.

Maintenance-Free - The Meinzer II is powered by an electromagnet offering no moving parts to replace.

Easy to use - The new clamping system allows you to change sieve stacks in seconds.

Built in 60-Minute Timer - Just set the timer and walk babysitting needed.

Quiet - The shaking action provided is quiet so you can use the Meinzer II in your lab or even under your desk.

Rugged - Great for use in dusty environments or production areas.

Affordable - A great deal at $1800.

Portable - Only 36 pounds, making it easy for the shaker to be moved from site to site.

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