Sieve Shaker combines gentle motion and low maintenance.

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Occupying 10 in. footprint and weighing 36 lb, portable Meinzer II eliminates need for hand sieving with its gentle motion. Electromagnetic drive produces simultaneous vertical and horizontal movement needed for basic dry particle sizing analysis, while rugged construction and lack of internal moving parts promotes maintenance-free, repeatable use. Supporting timed or continuous operation, unit can accommodate several 3 or 8 in. test sieves concurrently.

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The Meinzer II - Adding a "New Shake" to Advantech's Product Line.

Advantech has been manufacturing ASTM E 11 test sieves and sieve shakers for decades. They have recently added the Meinzer II sieve shaker which complements their existing product line consisting of the Sonic Sifter, DuraTap and the DuraShake.

New Berlin, WI

The Meinzer II is unique in that it has an electromagnetic drive producing the simultaneous vertical and horizontal movement needed for basic dry particle sizing analysis. This gentle motion mimics that of hand sieving processes and therefore produces less wear on your sieves, less sample degradation and less sieve blinding. With no internal moving parts and a rugged construction, this unit will be maintenance free for years of repeatable use.

Sieve analysis has been a widely used procedure in quality control environments for years due to its simplicity. Utilizing an electrical sieve shaker eliminates the need for hand sieving which can be time consuming, and difficult to re-create or duplicate test results. The Meinzer II is precise and gives repeatable results time after time. This unit is ideal for use with sands, cements, chemicals, powder metals, cosmetics, grains, seeds, coal, soils, pharmaceuticals, tobacco, coffee and many other dry components in ground, granular or powder form.

While all of Advantech's sieve shakers work well for a variety of industries, the Meinzer II is especially versatile as it is quiet, compact, and lightweight. With a 10" foot print and weighing only 36 pounds, this sieve shaker is easily portable. The Meinzer II has rubber spring mounts, a fixed amplitude and a 1 to 60 minute automatic shut off timer which can also be set to run continuously if needed. This unit can accommodate several 3" or 8" or 200 mm test sieves at one time making it possible to run multiple test samples simultaneously.

The Meinzer II offers repeatable results, durability, portability and ease of operation making it an excellent choice for many labs and quality control environments around the globe.

About Advantech
Founded in 1970 to concentrate on products for the particle separation industry. The lead product among its offerings was the "Sonic Sifter" which became a favorite for quality control in the dry particle industry. Recognizing the need for high quality test sieves, the company began manufacturing and marketing ASTM test sieves under the ATM brand label.

Later, test sieve calibration services were pioneered as a result of requests from sieve and production screener customers wanting to verify their sieve tolerances in accordance with the ASTM E 11 standards.

In 2002, Advantech purchased a full-service CNC machining facility, adding vertical integration to its capabilities ( While the company expanded to bring you the very best technical skills and abilities, they manage to still provide the personal attention and flexibility needed to complete projects from start to finish, and on time.

Recognizing their broader capabilities, in 2002 they changed their name from ATM Corporation to Advantech Manufacturing. It is their goal as a company to continually go beyond simply manufacturing and strive to provide real-time, real world solutions to meet - and exceed - their customers' expectations.

Superior quality products and stellar "Red Carpet Treatment" customer service is what sets them apart from competitors. When you choose Advantech, you tap into the expertise of people who know how to offer you value across every contact point before, during and after the sale.

Of course, everything they manufacture is a reflection of who they are. That's why great care is taken to ensure quality with every piece and multiple points of inspection are built into every process for top-shelf reliability. This is one manufacturer who believes in having products available at a moments notice, helping you to keep pace every day.

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